Baba Ramdev - Anna Hazare fast: Arvind Kejriwal creates confusion by walking out in middle!! Is media right or there is something unreported?

TIMES OF INDIA reported as follow:

"Team Anna member
Arvind Kejriwal
storms out of fast
venue after Ramdev
snubs him
Jun 3, 2012, 04.00PM
An angry
Kejriwal on Sunday walked out of the joint fast venue of Anna Hazare and
Baba Ramdev after the yoga guru snubbed him over his comments against
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other politicians.
NEW DELHI: Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal
has stormed out of the venue where Baba
Ramdev and Anna
Hazare are holding a day-long joint fast here, according to Times
Kejriwal walked out of the fast venue after he
was virtually snubbed by Baba Ramdev over
his comments against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other politicians.
During his speech,
Kejriwal attacked Singh and his Cabinet colleagues whom Team Anna had accused of
indulging in corruption and mentioned the
names of Mulayam
Singh Yadav, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Jayalalithaa and
Soon after Kejriwal finished his speech, Ramdev took the
microphone and said "today, we thought that we will not take any
body's name. But
Arvind took the names". "We don't want any controversies. Arvind does
not have any enmity with anyone. The names have been
taken in some context. We are against personal
criticism", he said.

''Readers must take into note
that Arvind Kejriwal later
through his tweet has tried to close up this burning news quoting the
reason of downfall in his health conditions. What so ever may
be the reason of his walk-out, it must never be thought as weakening
of fight against
corruption, its a long fight and people must remember very well that
the system against whom its carried upon has opponents, who've been
campaigning on this land from
many a long years. To speak against them and change
people's mood against them,
all of a sudden is impossible to happen! Its a slow but steady
process. The minute collisions of individual ideas
and way of thoughts is not
new in a long and rigorous fight, even in the fight
against crooked British Raj even Mahatma Gandhi and Subhashchandra
Bose had conflicts among their thoughts but the motive was same,
united. They all had wish to be free from colonial rule and in same
way, todays episode was an example of it. Just a bend due to conflicts
of thoughts but not motive, even today, all are united in the fight
against corruption.
Media may have acted in hurry to frame breaking news but thats
alright, as its duty
of it to bring instant news as
and when its happening! All
that we have to remember is
'we are against a gigantic monster called corruption and stand united
in all matters',
we must prevail nothing to shake or break us. Let their be victory of
our thoughts
and spirits. Share your viewpoints on twitter @meetdheeraj''

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