Sachin Tendulkar sworn in as Rajya Sabha MP - Master hinted WHY PEOPLE CALL HIM GOD OF CRICKET?

Sachin Tendulkar politely accepted his nomination as Rajya Sabha MP
and on June 4, he started another brilliant innings by signing in the
register. It was an ecstatic moment both for master and his admirers,
perhaps whole country rejoiced.

Meanwhile the most important thing to be noted was the way he thanked
the game, which made possible all such accolades to flow towards him.
It was rarely seen anytime someone as great as Little Master thanking
the profession before themselves. Silencing all his detractors who
were busy spreading news of his retirement, Tendulkar said, "He was
nominated to RS all because of cricket, so no chances of leaving the
game behind atleast for now". This clearly depicted how close the game
of cricket is to Sachin. He very well understands the well known fact
that, A LEGEND CALLED SACHIN TENDULKAR was created all out of cricket;
today world remembers him, praises him, accolads him, praises him all
due to his classic game.

Accompanied by his lucky mascot wife Anjali, Sachin took his oath in
national language Hindi. Further rising high onto the occasion master
said, his interest would be to provide recognition and support to all
other games including cricket. He was that person who never forgot his
roots, the prima-facie reason for his nomination: the cricket. Sachin
mentioned that he never went asking anyone for making his member of
parliament but it was the cricket alone that made possible this high
voltage nomination. Certainly it was, its really his stature and
spirit that inspired Govt to propose his name as nominee. Its not easy
breaking the mould, Sachin is stil active in international cricket and
has given no sign of his retirement and why should he be? He is still
genuinely active, sometimes far better than his youngsters! Common
proposals for such nominations so far have been those who were not
active in their respective fields but Sachin Tendulkar, the cricketing
god as always stands apart from all this usuals. And thats what
certainly defines him perfectly, STANDING APART FROM ALL THAT IS
STEREOTYPICAL! Interesting would be to see whether the same continuous
in Parliament too....

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