Do Cats Also Practice Patriarchy?

One not so fine day when I was in the hospital taking care of someone dear to my heart, I happened to meet two cats. Actually, there were four of them if my math is right and those bitches didn’t trick me. Okay. Wait. Before I start, let me pause and ask you something important. What is your opinion about cats? I mean, do you view them as just another creature with four legs that man happened to domesticate (?) or are you one of them who believes otherwise. Let me make a full disclosure here. I am one of those many people residing on this planet who know the unknown that cats are some mysterious beings here for some mysterious purpose (read ulterior motive!).

Humans for ages have been tricked into believing they are taking care of or are using cats as domestic pets. You think I’m kidding, don’t you? Well, I’m fucking serious. Okay. If you don’t believe me, answer this one question. Why do we have those bitches at our home? Dogs guard our houses, those poor creatures have been helping…

Looking Back — When Someone Leaves You Wanting More

Looking back
I wish I had hugged you
Little longer than I already did.
I wish I had stayed till sunrise to
Savor coffee in bed together
And not left in between
I wish we had met earlier than
When we did
Spent days than hours
I wish we had night to ourselves
To sleep under the sky
With stars and moon to guard
I wish we were together
Breathing heavy and in
Each other’s arms and not distance apart
I wish.

Satire: Read What Lord Ram Has To Say About Firecrackers And Diwali

India’s highest court has ruled out that firecrackers be banned in Delhi NCR. And not very surprisingly it has ruffled the feathers of the old Hindutva crown. Some have welcomed it, as always and some have not, again, as always. But twitter has turned into the new battleground. Battles are no more fought in Kurukshetra or Kargil, new age warriors no more wield swords and battle hammers, they use their clickety-clickety keyboards now. But there is one thing that everyone seems to miss in all this hullabaloo. Ramayana. Yes, the old Hindu mythological text that tells the story of Ram, his wife Sita, his brothers, monkey-god Hanuman and other ensembles of the cast.

If you are familiar with Indian Twitter scene, you must already be aware of certain patterns. Like for example, the Hindu right wing, especially certain hardliners, always take back their argument to ancient texts. They talk about how wonderful, scenic and peaceful life was in age-old times. But this time, they are caught in t…

I Love You — Can We Fall In Love, Please?

It is crazy how after a hi
And crazy exchange of flirting
You send that I love you text
Everyone after few texts nowadays
Is asking if we can fall in love with
As if they are asking to put jeans on
Or to sign on those dotted lines
It doesn’t work like that
You don’t love because you want to
That is how you have sex
And that is alright
Few need it as an entry filter
before calling each other a couple
And that is alright too
But Love, it just happens
without validation and screenings
There is no starting point for love
I love you is not the start
It is just the officiating
It begins long before you utter those words
Long before you know it, it just blooms inside

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Has It Ever Happened To You?

Has it ever happened to you?
That you are in bed with someone
Your bodies touching each other
But you aren’t there altogether
Your mind is wandering elsewhere
In some other bed, someone else’s arms
Smelling a body alien to one you are in with now
Smooching a face far away from this room
Has it ever happened to you…

When Vegetables Became Hindu And The Goat A Musalman — Story Of A Family WhatsApp Group That Turned Hostile Over ‘Eid Mubarak’ Wishes

I don’t use Whatsapp much for my own personal reasons. Most of the times it’s uninstalled and when it’s installed I check it few times of the day when I have absolutely nothing else to do; that is, after a round of Twitter, Instagram, Reddit etc. Today as it was Eid, early morning when I got up, I sent Eid wishes to all of my contacts who celebrate it via of course Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, FB messenger and few SMSes (two of my friends are still not technologically connected).
Late afternoon, as I was browsing through few replies and other messages, I stumbled upon a text in a family Whatsapp group. Now, I usually stay away from Whatsapp groups but this particular text just plain annoyed me. Message which was written in local language roughly translated to, “Nobody celebrates it here… Don’t post such wishes…” I opened the group to check who had posted what. I personally feel these groups are a den of bigotry and hate. That’s one of the reasons I have stopped reading group message…

When They Tell You They Want To Disappear

They will tell you
They wanna disappear
Far away from the madness of this world
Away from hate, failures, breakups, heartbreaks
They wanna walk into wilderness
Into open fields and clear streams
Jungles where elephants make sounds
And deers run from roaring lions
Into trees that grow supporting one another
A world that exists onto itself
Where seeds fall down and come to life
when it pours from the skies

But you know what?
That’s not disappearing
You want to be found
You are longing to be discovered
You are crying to meet thyself and you will
But disappear you will not
You will vanish only when death embraces you
When you will become one with thin air
That would be disappearance…

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