How Foolish And Gullible Are People To Bow And Empty Their Pockets Into A Stall (aka Temple) That Just Came Up

India is a strange country but more stranger are its people.
The old towns and villages have their own gods and those gods have their own homes aka temples in this country. It’s an established order. The temples have their annual anniversaries, gods go to jungle tours, river bathing, to meet other gods in other temples; all on the decorated vehicles pulled by the ever-growing tribe of humans. But that’s in old towns and villages. What happens in newly built cities? The old temples I have visited have their own stories, how they came into being. The stories with myths and magic. If the building isn’t very old then there would be someone with a mystic dream in which certain god comes into their dream and throws in his/her wish (or rather a command) to have an abode of his own in that village. And in most cases, these stories are highly unverifiable (of course, what did you expect? — peer-reviewed theories?). It’s not my desire to find the god himself (or herself!) but how does a constr…

When A Text From Stranger-Until-This-Moment Warms The Cockles Of One’s Heart

Strange how a hi turns to casual flirting and that flirting turns to being sweet and being sweet turns to wishing we were together, together at this very moment. Strange how people who are far far away from us say hi on social media, dating sites, and things go up. We know there are scarce chances of our meeting, we know distance is a killer but sometimes with some people, these barriers just don’t make sense. It feels like something is better than nothing at all. We may not meet in future or maybe someday our paths will cross but right now, the way our hearts feel reading each other’s texts; that’s special. That’s strangely special. The happy-smiling-curl our lips draw when reading those texts is more special than the ones we have in the midst of a crowd of friends in any room. For some time now, I have tried to understand it, deduct answers to why, but so far, there are no specific answers I can come up with. We know, long distance hardly works, especially if you have never met in …

Happy Republic Day Dear Nationalists and Beloved Patriots — Here’s Separate Wishes For You Both


The Burn

Okay. I promise I will make this quick and short. A few days back, while getting on to my train, I hugged someone rather in a strange situation. I got the hug which I needed but I couldn’t really hug back how I wanted it to be keeping in mind the slowly starting train and also a dozen eyes ever pricking on our embrace. Also, there was this whisper in my ear, “When will you reach?” 6 in the morning, I quickly replied. And got back on the train. There was so much that happened on the train which I least expected but will save it for another day. This is just about one part of a long tedious trip. Mid-way through the journey, somewhere past the midnight I opened my cell phone to check if I had the network. Luckily there was. I quickly browsed my way back to the train info page to check where my train exactly was. Hey! the night is dark and full of terrors… I had no idea where I had reached! And to my surprise, my train was moving faster than its schedule (some 13 minutes) a…

Do Cats Also Practice Patriarchy?

One not so fine day when I was in the hospital taking care of someone dear to my heart, I happened to meet two cats. Actually, there were four of them if my math is right and those bitches didn’t trick me. Okay. Wait. Before I start, let me pause and ask you something important. What is your opinion about cats? I mean, do you view them as just another creature with four legs that man happened to domesticate (?) or are you one of them who believes otherwise. Let me make a full disclosure here. I am one of those many people residing on this planet who know the unknown that cats are some mysterious beings here for some mysterious purpose (read ulterior motive!).

Humans for ages have been tricked into believing they are taking care of or are using cats as domestic pets. You think I’m kidding, don’t you? Well, I’m fucking serious. Okay. If you don’t believe me, answer this one question. Why do we have those bitches at our home? Dogs guard our houses, those poor creatures have been helping…

Looking Back — When Someone Leaves You Wanting More

Looking back
I wish I had hugged you
Little longer than I already did.
I wish I had stayed till sunrise to
Savor coffee in bed together
And not left in between
I wish we had met earlier than
When we did
Spent days than hours
I wish we had night to ourselves
To sleep under the sky
With stars and moon to guard
I wish we were together
Breathing heavy and in
Each other’s arms and not distance apart
I wish.

Satire: Read What Lord Ram Has To Say About Firecrackers And Diwali

India’s highest court has ruled out that firecrackers be banned in Delhi NCR. And not very surprisingly it has ruffled the feathers of the old Hindutva crown. Some have welcomed it, as always and some have not, again, as always. But twitter has turned into the new battleground. Battles are no more fought in Kurukshetra or Kargil, new age warriors no more wield swords and battle hammers, they use their clickety-clickety keyboards now. But there is one thing that everyone seems to miss in all this hullabaloo. Ramayana. Yes, the old Hindu mythological text that tells the story of Ram, his wife Sita, his brothers, monkey-god Hanuman and other ensembles of the cast.

If you are familiar with Indian Twitter scene, you must already be aware of certain patterns. Like for example, the Hindu right wing, especially certain hardliners, always take back their argument to ancient texts. They talk about how wonderful, scenic and peaceful life was in age-old times. But this time, they are caught in t…