Win or Lose, Here Are Few Things Rahul Gandhi Must Do Post Elections To Stay Relevant

Before I even start, I must just warn you of the unprecedented propaganda that was and is done to demean and to make fun of Rahul in public eye to an extent where no commentator starts pieces like this with, you see, I don't think Rahul is the leader we deserve but blah blah. Certainly, we deserve better. No doubt. But is Modi the leader this largest democracy deserves? Absolutely not. But we elected him. We saw him shake every fabric of this republic. We saw him break rules, disrespect parliament by undercutting it, making a mockery in face of NaMo tv (I know he isn't it's CEO or chairman!). Truth is, that propaganda has worked. The fake news has flourished. And Rahul tweeting smart things or visiting a college or two won't change it. Television isn't gonna help. It has become too imbalanced for his or his party's message. So here are few things that will go a long way.

It is no secret and now there is no point hiding from it, Congress has the most ill-…

What Is It Like To Read A Right-Wing Gobbledygook Propaganda Piece?

So a right-wing friend of mine who believes Congress is the worst thing that happened to India and Modi the best, sent me this piece (How the Congress Party has Surrendered to the Breaking India Forces) to read, so that I get aware of how Congress looted India. I usually do not indulge my time into these recommendations if they aren’t from known and reputed sources but this request was coming on repeat and from a school friend so I dived in. Here’s what the article had. Unbelievable gobbledygook.
Our ancient political thinkers didn’t randomly make politics subservient to civilization and culture — it was the result of deep, sustained philosophical reflection on the nature of things and the nature of fundamental human impulses itself.
Who are these thinkers? What did they say? How did what they said made politics subservient to civilization and culture? No answers. We are just presented with wisdom like a good old religious text. This sort of generalization and sundry conclusions derived…

What I Observed Standing On The Shore of River Kaveri (or Cauvery)

What you see is a calm river shore, a ghat where people are going about their ritualistic life, the soothing calmness of it. Beautiful imagery for certain. But images do lie. What I saw vis-a-vis my real eyes was a slow process of killing what was once a roaring mighty river. Kaveri or Cauvery - however you spell it. A river which once protected Tipu Sultan’s island of Srirangapatnam from enemies, a living breathing river that was lifeline of so many lives, river that saw lives grow and disappear, river of many legends, not anymore. It is a dying stream now. Srirangapatnam is no more an island. The old river no more flows around the old town. Tipu Sultan was long killed by British Army. His Srirangapatnam plundered. And today the prized river is slowly killed by the modern man. People from distance come to the 'holy' river, they take bath in its fabled waters and then dump their clothes and trash into its 'holy' waters. They think they’re dumping their sins. But they…

Anandi Gopal — A Marathi Movie That Will Appeal To Your Heart And Mind In Equal Measures

There are very few movies which are made with utmost finesse and perfection together with an appeal that touches your heart and scratches the brain cells as well. What if you were also presented with humour along with all this? Wouldn’t that be a rare piece? Anandi Gopal does it and how beautifully does it touch you.

Little Background

I’m not a regular Marathi movie viewer. This was, in fact, my third Marathi movie in the hall. Other two being Sairat and Natasamrat, both of which were fine movies in their own ways. I had seen Anandi Gopal’s listing before but never saw anything beyond its poster on Bookmyshow but last night for reasons I cannot think of I played its trailer and immediately I wanted to watch the movie. The trailer was good of course but it was the real person on whom this movie is based. Dr Anandi Joshi. Long time back I had read about her somewhere along with an old photograph of her which I vividly remember. The face, sari, that attitude, simplistic yet confident…

Hamina Bi's Birthday

Mehmud walked and walked and walked with a bag hanging by his shoulder; a bag made of clothes and plastic threads, covered in dirt and also torn here and there. He had forgotten the distance he had walked so far. He had forgotten the lanes he had taken. He was on a mission today. He had to collect enough valuable trash that would fetch him hundred odd rupees for the day. On an average day he would make 60 to 70 rupees which would be enough for his sustenance but today he had set his target, a full sum of a hundred rupees. Sunday of coming week was a special day for him. It was his mother’s birthday which he celebrated with all smiles and clean clothes. Clean clothes was a luxury that he couldn’t afford every day. It was one of the many things that was out of reach for people living in his jhuggi. The long tenuous day that involved mostly walking in sun from one trash pit or smelly mountain to another would suck most of his energy leaving him with no time to take care of his clothes…

Bolt From The Blue - Something Happened Today


For A Day Let's Just Lie Under The Night Sky And…

I have a wish, a dream that someday
Tomorrow or a day in future
Let’s have two days
Where we do nothing
Absolutely nothing
Let’s just sit outside
Under the night sky
With nothing but starts and moon above us
With nothing around but trees in the dark
With no light but that of the moon
All together or just alone
Let’s sit, stand or lay down
On the damp ground or lush grass
Black, white, brown
Younger, older
American, Indian, Chinese, Tasmanian
Sick, lean, fat, rich, poor, short, grumpy, happy
All Together
For once breathing together the air
that had passed through countless lungs
For once let’s ponder over our past
Think from where we arrived
How we all began
Wonder over why
Look at your neighbors face, her cheeks, his jaws
Did we really come from apes?
How long did it take us to change into us?
When did we start to think?
When did we first communicate?
What was it really?
And why?
When did we first started love? How did we start to hate?
When did we first fought?
And why?
Let’s lie under the night sky and wonder
Wonder …