For A Day Let's Just Lie Under The Night Sky And…

I have a wish, a dream that someday
Tomorrow or a day in future
Let’s have two days
Where we do nothing
Absolutely nothing
Let’s just sit outside
Under the night sky
With nothing but starts and moon above us
With nothing around but trees in the dark
With no light but that of the moon
All together or just alone
Let’s sit, stand or lay down
On the damp ground or lush grass
Black, white, brown
Younger, older
American, Indian, Chinese, Tasmanian
Sick, lean, fat, rich, poor, short, grumpy, happy
All Together
For once breathing together the air
that had passed through countless lungs
For once let’s ponder over our past
Think from where we arrived
How we all began
Wonder over why
Look at your neighbors face, her cheeks, his jaws
Did we really come from apes?
How long did it take us to change into us?
When did we start to think?
When did we first communicate?
What was it really?
And why?
When did we first started love? How did we start to hate?
When did we first fought?
And why?
Let’s lie under the night sky and wonder
Wonder …

Unwarranted Obedience From Citizens In A Republic Is The Final Nail In Coffin For Democracy

Across the world, democracy is seeing a fast decline. Now one may deny, dismiss or raise unwarranted doubt over this at one’s own risk but it is an observable fact across the globe.

"In Turkey and Egypt, Hungary and Poland, the Philippines and Venezuela, we are witnessing pseudo-democracies taking hold. Meanwhile, democracies that once inspired-South Africa, Brazil-are now marred by depressing stories of corruption. For the 12th consecutive year, Freedom House released its annual survey of democracy being pushed back: between 2000 and 2015, democracy broke down in 27 countries; 71 countries suffered 'net declines in civil and political liberties'", said former director of BBC news, James Harding in his Hugh Cudlipp lecture.

Propaganda is fast becoming the chosen tool of politicians and what more, we are seeing that it is working, authoritarianism is on rise everywhere, people especially the young are losing their belief in institutions, citizens no more believe in poli…

Sorry, But People Won’t Remember Or Follow Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Ideals For Ages — They Are Lying

People including Modi who are saying Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his ideals would be remembered for ages to come are lying. No, they will not. For a decade or more now Vajpayee was inactive in politics but he was alive yet his ideals weren’t. Forget ideals, even his picture slowly disappeared from BJP’s billboards and made way for Modi and Amit Shah’s. His close confidant Advani was sidelined so much so that he is hardly ever given chance to speak in parliament now which he regularly attends, unlike our PM.
All these people who day in and day out spew hate against Nehru forget that although Vajpayee was Nehru’s opponent he wasn’t a bitter man. When he had become Foreign Minister, he noticed how Nehru’s portrait that was always visible in South Block was missing. He immediately inquired and had it restored. He opposed Nehru on his policies bitterly but not the man. Upon Nehru’s demise, speaking in parliament, Vajpayee rendered heartwarming elegy “a dream has remained half-fulfilled, a so…

A Lady Who Wanted To Take This Teenage Boy To Police Station For Not Obeying Her

Bus rides are joyful experiences. To travel peacefully on a window seat staring quietly at the passerby's, looking at people on bikes and cars hurrying themselves to reach someplace quicker, buildings by buildings of varying sizes passing like a film via the window glass. And then if you are lucky you meet a nice fellow passenger, you both talk and somehow in its own small and strange ways, you become part of someone’s life who was stranger a while ago. Aha. That is if you are lucky. But I was with no luck in my pockets. I did not get a fellow passenger to talk to. I did not even get a seat to sit forget the window one. I was standing in a crowded bus near the back door of this public transport vehicle with my travel bag. Not big but not too small either. The bus had moved few stops from where I had boarded and had just stopped at another stop. Of the many people who came in, men and women included, there was this lady with a healthy figure and just a small ladies’ handbag or pur…

West Bengal Panchayat Elections And The Parallels Between Mamata Banerjee and He-Who-Cannot-Be-Blamed

I’m a slow reader and a human, there are times when I miss reading something and there are times when I choose to not react if I feel I know not enough, West Bengal’s Panchayat elections were one of them. This one is on West Bengal and the elections that were concluded some time back, but do not fret, what happened in Bengal wasn’t a stray incident that loses its relevance after a day or week, the Bengal election will come to haunt us in future if we do not pay attention to it.
In West Bengal, Of the 58,792 seats in total, one-third is where opposition (left front and BJP) didn’t field their candidates. Mamata Banerjee’s TMC won them uncontested. Across the country we see these uncontested seats where candidates win without a fight and people (or supporters of that candidate) celebrate this as some macho victory but they forget that this is anathema to the practice of democracy. What do you think? All the people in a constituency love their one leader, so much so that not one person …

The Wounds That Won’t Heal — The Memories That Won’t Fade

You try and try and try
To forget that one person
Get busy with work
Start running, go gymming
Learn that new thing, meet strangers
Sleep with people your heart would not
Do all things to take your mind away
Away from all the memories of a past
Of a life you thought you had left behind
Moments you thought you had buried deep inside
Everything you thought was all over
But One day like a river storming through floodgates
You open up
Open up with old wounds
That you long thought were healed and dried
What did you do oh sweet child of summer?
What did you do to me?