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Questioning the existence of super Natural God... Do he exist or are we living in never ending illusion?

Some say he exist, some say don't, rest doubt! To those who believe in his presence, let me ask why & where; and people who say no might just be jealous of those who have experienced the elixir of divine spirit and the most ravishing are those who doubt in his existence. People just are not able to completely neither believe in his presence nor do are they able to muster up enough courage to discard an entity-so-old called God! Then, what is to be believed and what is it that should be dumped in trash, forever?
In fact, this whole debate or confusion lies solely on the fact that no one of us has, till now or ever,  seen that divine supreme power. We believe in him because that’s what we are told and preached from the very old childhood days! On the other hand we tend to question about his existence as the logical yet resilient mind which matures with time resist in believing or thinking what we haven't experienced or saw. Even then there are a good bunch of people who does…

Samba, Barbecue grill and Monkey forests are few things legislators of a bankrupt state prefer over attention to drought and farmer suicides!

'Study-Tour' is no new word for most of us who have danced, partied on the way but at the same time have completed (read studied, learnt) what we set for in first place unlike these politicians of India (Karnataka today) who have named their Amazon junket a 'study tour' and are set to be part of things that they-only-know how will it fall under 'study' tab and how it is going to address issues back at home which is on its way to bankruptcy.
We hear of late that the extravagant Jan 2014, Karnataka's Amazon bash is postponed, all thanks to a reputed news channel which busted this bubble called 'Study-Tour'. But had it not been busted, they would have gone their way and to what extent? Going by the simple itinerary, it's all fun and no work policy they are all up to. '0% work, 100% fun' is how Times Now unveiled it. Monkey Forest, Alligator Park, dancing to the tunes of Samba & Tango, Barbecue grill, Desert Safari and much more all aroun…

Chennai, Tamil and an unexpected gesture that restored my faith in human good!

Joy and dismay do travel hand in hand at times or so was my situation when I got my Date-Of-Joining mail from IT major Wipro technologies. The joy obvious was from late-but-timely DOJ but shock was regarding the place they had assigned for training - Chennai. The fact that they hate to speak in Hindi, the supposed common denominator in India, made me miserable at first thought. I knew no south Indian language except Kannada and they knew no language that I was fluent in. Complete dead-lock. On the other hand DOJ being served just a week before joining left little room for negotiations and so, with very little to do, I started packing myself for Chennai treat!
Once in city, I was open for more - with stinky street, political posters on every new wall and building, my worries tended to rise. Added to it was my language dilemma. But then I met this man!
Actually, it was my search from shop to shop, person to person for accommodation which landed me at his grocery shop. With lungi, baniyan a…