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Disgusting! TMC goons chop off man's ear for taking part in Bharath Bandh...

Time and again, strikes have ignited the debate whether they are
rightful to be called as 'constitutional'. Out constitution allows
them to register their voice and concern but Supreme Court in its
land-mark judgement maintains that, nobody must be forced to
participate and shut their premises just because some wish so. Further
your ways of protest in no way shall affect other people's business
from sailing smooth.

In contrast to every judgement and law of land, strikes across the
nation have proved to be fatal and dangerous. Recent being the one
called by 11 trade unions mostly CITU, an active arm of CPM. 'Bharath
Bandh' as they call it, turned violent in many cities namely Noida's
industrial area where hoodlums numbering around hundred throwed stones
at factories and even opened fire into numerous vehicles later on.

48 hour strike which went into cold storage first day except that
unexpected incident in Noida turned more harsher and violent on …

48 hours gone by... A man who jumped off the Karwar-Goa Kali bridge still remains sunk deep inside the blue waters!

It just took little more than few fractions of seconds to an
Autorikshaw driver to stop his passenger carrier in the middle of
NH-17, Karwar-Goa bridge over the River Kali and to jump off the
railings into full fledged sea that flowed in its total power beneath
the lifeline. It's been more than 48 hours by now but officials who
are relentlessly searching for him are still clueless of his body or

His relatives and villagers have relentlessly been crowding over the
Kali bridge as time is hopelessly passing by without providing any
fruitful lead into the suicidal havoc that has just been played in
front of some of their eyes. Cops too have been travelling to & fro
from one place to another hoping to recover his body but so far no
amount of success has arrived onto their hands. Meanwhile bizarre
stories as always are getting fuelled and travelling from every
untraseable corner you could imagine off.

The man whose body has still not been recovered is a …

NoteMark pen scanner digitizes paper documents in an instant

The NoteMark is a ballpoint pen with a built-in camera and laser sight that stores documents as high-definition photos Image Gallery (5 images)

As more information becomes available in digital formats, it can be a little frustrating to not be able to simply bookmark or save any documents printed on ordinary paper. There are plenty of articles, recipes, letters, contracts, etc. that would be much more convenient if they were saved on a flash drive, which is where the NoteMark would come in handy. With a laser-projected sight and built-in camera that captures documents as high-definition photos, the ballpoint pen/scanner could be an invaluable tool for quickly digitizing and storing paper documents.
Unlike other miniature scanners, such as Planon's SlimScan or Docupen, the NoteMark is equipped with a 5-megapixel sensor with an auto-focus lens that can capture an image instantly. Twisting the top of the pen readies the sensor, while a button on the side activates the shutter. The sens…

Microsoft Surface Pro vs. MacBook Air

We compare the specs – and other features – of the Microsoft Surface Pro and MacBook Air Image Gallery (12 images) In selling the Surface Pro, Microsoft’s marketing team has a big challenge. The new tablet is essentially an Ultrabook in a tablet’s body. But most customers are going to look at it and think “iPad competitor.” We already compared Surface Pro to the iPad, but perhaps a more appropriate comparison is to the MacBook Air. Let’s see how their specs – and other features – compare. This comparison covers the 11-inch MacBook Air with entry-level specs. Apple offers upgrades with superior components, but we’re leaving those alone here. Size Compared to standard laptops, the MacBook Air looks small and svelte. Next to a tablet, though, it’s rather large. It’s bigger than Surface Pro in every dimension. Note that the Air’s side is tapered. Our measurement covers its thickest point. Weight The MacBook Air is also 173 g (6.1 oz) heavier than Surface Pro. If you add Surface’s (optional…

Nokia releases 3D printing instructions for Nokia Lumia 820 shell

One of the selling points for Nokia's Lumia 820 smartphones is that
their shells are available in a wide range of colors. The company is
now expanding the customization potential of these phones by making 3D
printing instructions available.

3D printing seems ideal for customizing gear, but companies haven't
exactly raced to embrace the option, perhaps believing that their
brand recognition will suffer if customer-designed accouterments
become common. As a result, the dimensions and design of even a case
back are usually treated as confidential and proprietary. In
counterpoint to this attitude, Nokia has just released a 3D-printing
Development Kit (3DK) that provides users with the files and
information they need to print a custom Lumia 820 back cover. The 3DK
can be found on the Nokia developers site. Possible modifications
suggested include incorporating belt clips, bicycle clips or winding
posts for headphones into the design.

As 3D printing becomes more affo…

For the beautiful, honest yet too innocent girls of my class......!

You are polite, you are smart, you are innocent, you are honest but
you don't think of what you are putting your hands into before giving
it a thought, a thorough thought!

One old man with a black cap in a polite uniform minus half-pant of an
organisation that is famous in India for its good-bad activities comes
in, speaks what's non-sense for any true spirited Indian and goes out
leaving you all 'inspired.' Inspired! What are you inspired for is
something that you yourself must ponder upon before some other callous
guy comes in and 'inspires' you for yet another stupidity! Now let us
try to decode what you actually have attempted in utmost innocence and

Before 'we' move on ( yes! Not 'I' but 'we' ), let me state, I don't
have anything against the beautiful, yeah, truly beautiful opposite
sex that clumsily sits between the four walls. I have no sort of
vengeance nor any vendetta against any JHANSI KII RANI...…