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BJP's hesitation and denial over Baba Ramdev's arrest over 'honeymoon' comment and Narendra Modi's 'selective' silence: are they signs of future?

"Rahul Gandhi visits Dalits' houses for honeymoon". "He will not marry
any dalit girl but will marry some foreign lady".

What does above statements mean to you? What will you take home after
listening to them? Whoever has said it, in whatever occasion be it,
even if he happens to be some man from street, what does these lines
mean? Do they have any other meaning than those who are protesting
against the same are making out it to be? Do please let me know if any
in comment section.

The above comments were made by a popular saint from India, the one
who is famous for his yoga camps. Yes, I'm talking about the same
saffron clad saint known more for his controversial political comments
than for the real work he supposes himself to be known for - Baba
Ramdev is his name. Meanwhile, don't confuse 'Baba' and 'saint' for
the one's defined in those pages of dictionaries you have at home,
they are passe, old monks who nowhere are near to the w…

Know where you stand before you get inked in the largest democratic exercise of the world!

As the largest democracy of the world goes to polls this season, most of the folk are asking who should they vote for or should I say, most of them have already made their minds to vote for so and so! Development, legacy, over-the-top oratory, new energy or be it old issues in new package; we all have our own reasons to press that one button, the one that will decide next five years. There are people who perceive it as power-in-their-hands and there are those who see it as the same old compulsion to do so. For a hundred million voters who will press that button from EVM for first time is kind of an excitement, it’s kind of buttons from some remote control that will decide his/her boss! Sounds like digging pit for ourselves! Doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, somebody should go salute those greats who sit in the comforts of their homes complaining about every other thing that has gone wrong and abuse their leaders in languages any sane person would find alien. What should they do? Shouldn’t they…