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Ramadan Mubarak All - As the holy month begins know about the five pillars that shape every Muslim's life

Call it a science or religious obligation, fasting is part of many religions as a thanksgiving or penance for the gift almighty has bestowed upon them and Islam is no different. Muslims worldwide await the glimpse of new moon to mark the beginning of holy month of Ramadan when they begin their fast from dusk till dawn. If I remember well the words of Imam, a Muslim priest I met during my early days in Goa when I used to visit a nearby mosque with mum regularly, Muslims believe that the Koran was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad during Ramadan. To mark this sacred occasion, they go without food and liquids, smoking and having sex during daylight hours for a month. It all made little sense then for I was a kid who believed life was for fun and games, and they required you to feed your tummy well! But with time I do have understood the importance of fasting in our life. From detoxification to its deeper religious meanings to laws of coexistence, each one you met holding profound kn…

Apple embraces privacy-focussed DuckDuckGo kicking Google aside: Is DuckDuckGo really turning to be an alternative search engine?

“If Google doesn't find it, probably it don't exist at all!”, “May be you should google it” - We all have heard this at one time or another from people we know to the people we don't. One may call the former line as height of Google worship but nor can I nor could you deny the effect this one phenomenal search engine is having on our lives. From that new shopping place to that up-to-this-time unknown person you met in office to sweet purring cats to porns, it offers all that you could think of in an instant, literally. Now a days, it even feeds you with its search queries over your voice commands, yes just the command! Times have taken such a leap now that we check if our Internet connection is at place or not by entering in address bar. Don't we? Only the other day, I called my office technician over slow Internet connectivity and what do I tell him? “Check what is it with my machine, even Google is taking hours to load!” Googlers are we and c…