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Cricket still our religion; Tendulkar still is its God. Few aren’t just real cricketers but Nirmal Babas & Nityanandas of Gentlemen’s game!

Cricketing world today is in deep sabotage created out of its own people who were primarily meant to protect and live up to the high standards the game asks from its players. But the spirit of cash-rich sport hasn't yet died nor will it die any sooner or later; the flame and its vigor has shortened but not washed-away completely as few might perceive it to be. Sure, the crowd of today has been left with no other option but to look at each new game with an eye of suspicion. We still are not sure if the ball that we are looking at is planned already or the last dropped catch talked off way before the beginning of match! Whatever be it and rest; the age old history of the game reveals how it deeply repairs itself at the time of disgrace when everything starts sailing against the tides.

No doubt, now certainly is the grave tough time to pick up canes and straighten the dismantled and aggressively driving, the super rich - Board for Control of Cricket in India! 'Bulldozing or media …

4 Parenting Lessons to Learn from Shahrukh Khan

An actor, producer, entrepreneur, a devoted husband and the king of romance who still makes a million hearts beat for him- Shahrukh Khan has certainly donned many hats in his lifetime. But one of his less publicised and most successful roles is of a doting father. So, let us have a look at a few parenting lessons which you can learn from the King of Bollywood.Make your kids your best friends Gone are the days when parents were required to be strict disciplinarians. Nowadays, parents prefer to be friends with their children. Learn from SRK: Shahrukh once said in an interview, “I love my children not because they are my children but because I have garnered a friendship with them. I am realising this… as they are getting older, they are my greatest friends. I think my mental age is between 12 to 14, so it is nice to have two friends that I can ever have.” 
In fact, Suhana gifted her dad a beautiful friendship band on Friendship Day, prompting the actor to tweet, “Feeling friendly now.” Get…

Indian voters no more are blind and dumb the way they used to be. Or they still are??

Counting day in fact decides who will count for next 5 yearsis one among the many tweets that made rounds on social networks as results of Karnataka assembly elections started disclosing, providing reasons to smile for congress and humiliating the outgoing BJP. There were many more sarcastic updates from netizens from frustration over both national parties to change of mood people have voted to Yeddy effect! Yes, the former CM had it all. One read
“Yeddyurappa's possible reaction on results: Hum to doobenge sanam tumko bhi le dubenge.” [We will sink, no doubt, but will take you too to shallow!]

BJP's embarrassing defeat or congress's sigh-of-relief win or JDS's surprise arrival - all had one thing to applause for - the Common Man, was no more dumb nor blind enough to forget & forgive their 'populist' leader. High turnout this time was alarm to this pesky leaders who least looked at their constituencies but were busy fixing squares at city centers. From Renu…