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Why Sanjay Dutt and not Zaibunisa Kazi or why both should be pardoned in Mumbai Blasts case...

Manoeuvring of its own kind has hit the Indian Superclass who are
queuing up to support Mr. Sanjay Dutt whose conviction order has been
upheld by SC on March 21st under the Arms Act for possession and
destruction of an AK-56 before the blasts. In the undesirable que up,
people are forgetting almost everything; from the one's who lost their
lives to those who are surviving with blemished scars to even those
convicts whose cases looks like being suppressed just because they
fall under 'faceless' dogmas.

It's understanding when Dutt's family, colleagues and fans argue over
his pardon but when arch-political class whom people look to as
'saviours of law and order' behaves in irresponsible way by supporting
a convict whom highest court of law has found guilty of crime, it
seems a bit of bizzarre. Not just them alone but it in a way shows
nation's judiciary in bad light. From Mamata Banerjee, Digvijay Singh,
Raj Thackeray, Amar Singh, Jayaprada…

Phone sex can save your day!

Whether you are in a long distance relationship or just in the mood to try something different — this old-school trick guarantees to get a rise out of your man
Phone sex can be an exciting addition to a boring relationship — turning up the heat and leaving you and your partner yearning for more. "It is a tool to evoke a sexual fantasy, and if it helps to excite you, there is no harm in trying something new," says sexologist Dr Rajan Bhonsle. It may sound strange to you at first, but phone sex is not actually as weird as you think. All you have to do is drop your inhibitions, share your steamy desires with him and leave the reston your respective erotic imaginations. But remember, all words and no actions isn't the way to go — masturbate simultaneously to lift your libido. So tune into your soft husky voice and start talking dirty, we tell you what to say: "Do you want to know what I am wearing?"
The safest yet the most suggestive conversation starter, this …

Virginity: A virtue or a curse?

Mansi, a 24-year-old girl on the verge of matrimony is facing a commotion of mixed thoughts. Her nupital excitement is climaxing at two levels. On one hand, while she's awaiting stepping into a realm of new relations, on the other, her 'virginity-status' is adding to her pre wedding jitters. Mansi is getting sleepless nights wondering what if her better half comes to know that she's not a virgin? Will he accept her if she dares to bare the truth? Can she hide it, if she tries? These questions popping into her mind prior to D-Night is adding to her nervous anxiety. However, she's not alone as there are many women on the verge of tying the knot who face the same dilemmas. So, is losing one's virginity before marriage still a big deal? Let's explore... Kalpana Sharma, a Delhi based journalist, heralds the importance of open ended communication, adding that her conjugal relationship only improved after she and her partner chose to candidly share sagas of their …

Loving the lovable! Come celebrate the spirit of Womanhood this Women's day...

It's no wonder why 'women' has 'men' in it nor is it much surprising why every other guy finds solace in only her! In all the senses a man could think of, she truly describes and defines mankind for good. And yes, she only makes this sojourn journey of life viable for every you and me. Yet few beasts redefine her against the odds nature has created to suit their own odious being without actually realizing her in-definitive prowess. She is no less than a phoenix to rise even from dried-up ashes. Beware and hold on! She is the one you will never ever win upon lest alone by canvass, succumb or succor. Some naive might perceive her as lethargic but in her own spirits - she undoubtedly is lethal as evident from time immortal! And in all solidarity, I truly love her for her immaculate prowess of loving and with impeccable dignity to move on & breathe in here on this sphere from nowhere I possibly could count upon.

I have always been fortunate of being able to dabble i…

Caught while having sex? Here's what not to do...

(Caught while having sex?…) When was the last time your boss walked in while you were all heated down under? Got scathing comments from your dad about your last night mushy talks with your beloved? Or a curious auntyji caught you crossing limits under the staircase? Admit it, for it's something that's bound to happen. All of us have faced embarrassing sex moments that we would ideally like to forget.

"Don't fret about imperfect moments in your sex life; just rejoice and hold your lover tight. Your ability to deal with embarrassing situations reflects the strength of your relationship. Real understanding is about being able to feel at ease with each other in awkward circumstances as well. Emotional presence and trust is the biggest aphrodisiac and the thrill can last a lifetime," explains Renu Rai, a psychatrist. We bring you a list of the most awkward sexual encounters and the ways you can avoid being caught... Your mom cancels her trip and comes back home: Ravi Sh…

Weird, funny facts about women

We all know women are pretty, soft, sexy, and attractive but have you ever imagined another side to them, a slightly unkempt one at that? Actually, women can be quite crazy; they are capable of doing things that make men go red in the face such as faking orgasm, preferring chocolates over sex and the list is endless.

Women are psychologically and physically different from men. They hide age, weight, feelings, qualities, and do things that men have never thought of doing. On that note, we explore some funny, weird facts about women that are lesser-known. Women always carry their handbags around: Men must have not noticed this, but women always carry their handbags or purses. They feel awkward if they don't carry anything in their hands. And we really don't know what they have inside their bags! Women never have anything to wear: Give them thousands of bucks; they can spend the whole sum on shopping. And still complain that they haven't got anything to wear. The fact is that mo…

Class 12 students find answers printed on question papers in exam!

Imphal: Students appearing for their class XII board exams in Manipur
were taken aback when they found answers printed on the back side of
their question papers. Hundreds of students were given question papers
and blank answer sheets during the 'engineering drawing' exam
organised by the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur
(CHSEM), yesterday.

After some of the students pointed out the mistake, invigilators
immediately collected the question papers back and soon the exam was

The Women's Day Special: Loving The Lovable

CHSEM controller Sagolsem Kiran said they are surprised that answers
of the questions were also printed on the question papers and it did
not look like a printing mistake. An enquiry into the incident has
been ordered, he said adding that re-examination of the subject would
be conducted on March 25 afternoon. Arambam Thoithoi, secretary
general of the Democratic Students' Alliance Manipur (DESAM) condemned