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SRK to work with south director

Grapevine has it that the Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan will play the lead role in the Hindi remake of 'Kanchana'. It is also said that choreographer-director-actor Lawrence, a popular face in the south who directed the original, will be directing the remake as well. If all goes well, Lawrence will be directing the King Khan in his B-town debut! It can't get bigger for this multi-faceted film personality from the south. It was earlier said that Lawrence will be directing this film in Hindi with Salman Khan as the hero, but it now looks like his arch rival SRK will be seen in the lead. However as rumour mills had earlier, Sanjay Dutt will be seen in the role of 'Kanchana' itself, a role reprised by Sarath Kumar in the original. 'Kanchana' is a horror flick in Tamil which made waves due to the script which had a good dosage of comic elements and had a reach with audience of all age groups. The film had a strong social message intertwined with it in a …

Remembering the brave 26/11 saviours!

Top 5 People Who Deserve Bharat Ratna

Wikipedia describes Bharat Ratna as "the Republic of India's highest civilian award, awarded for the highest degrees of national service" which includes "artistic, literary, and scientific achievements, as well as "recognition of public service of the highest order." Bharat Ratna literally translates to 'gem of India' which means a person who is a prized possession of the nation. A true Bharat Ratna is a person that has brought laurels that are irreplaceable or offered services that helped in the betterment of the entire country. The Bharat Ratna awardees of the past have surely been worthy recipients but there are some people that have gone unnoticed despite having some mighty impressive work behind them. This list showcases some such personalities that are, indeed, the greatest assets of our country and deserve to win the Bharat Ratna.

5. Azim Premzi
According to Bill Gates, "If anyone personifies India's economic transformation, it is A…

Strange places people have sex!!

A survey on the
sex life of 500
people has
revealed more
than just a
handful of
In the survey 46
per cent admitted
to having fooled
around in the back
of a cab, while 9
per cent said they
have done it in a
public bathroom,
31 per cent said "in
the car" and 18 per
cent said "in the
"We walked
directly into a
bathroom, had
sex, then left. We
didn't even order
drinks," the New
York Post quoted
a Brooklyn woman,
29, single, as
It also revealed
that 43 per cent
say they've totally
gotten it on with
more than one
person at a time.
They enjoyed it,
too. 55 per cent
said group sex is,
in fact, "all it's
cracked up to be".
"I took a sexy girl
out to dinner, took
her home, had sex
with her. I
returned to the
restaurant, picked
up our waitress
and had sex with
her the same
night," a
Manhattan male,
52, single,
Where bondage is
concerned 69 per
cent of New
Yorkers s…

Outrage over Kalam's frisking, US says sorry!

The United States'
government has formally
apologised to former
president APJ Abdul Kalam
for the humiliation he had to
undergo when security
officials frisked him at New
York's JFK airport on
September 29.
The apology came on
Sunday, the day Hindustan
Times broke the story on
Kalam being frisked at JFK
airport and his jacket and
shoes being taken for a
check after he had boarded
a flight.
The US embassy here said
in a statement that it had
"utmost respect" for the 80-
year-old former President
and "deeply regretted the
inconvenience that resulted
for him".
Security officials at the JFK
airport had forced the crew
of an Air India plane to
reopen the door as they
wanted to frisk Kalam
[ http://
Article1-768415.aspx ] a
second time after he had
been screened once.
Despite protests from the
airline crew that he was
India's former head of state,
the security per…

Khan Almighty: Shahrukh Conquers Cover of LA Times Calender

He is revered as the ‘King of Bollywood’ back in India, and after two high-profile forays onto the international scene–”My Name is Khan” (2010) and “Ra.One” (2011)–the force known as Shahrukh Khan is unstoppable.

It’s not often that an Indian actor appears on the cover of any American media outlet, save for Freida Pinto, whose “Slumdog Millionaire” would hardly count as a Bollywood production. Hence we did a near double-take when a suited up Khan gazed out of the front page of the “LA Times” calendar section, flashing his wedding ring, no less.

The paper’s Nov. 4 edition has a feature outlining Khan’s success and appeal, dating back to his humble beginnings in New Delhi before catching a break in Mumbai in 1991. Khan told the LA Times: “I was driving down a small lane in India recently, and I remembered that 20 years ago I was driving down the same lane, and I had maybe 10 or 20 dollars in my pocket. I couldn’t believe all that had happened to me. I feel lucky and even guilty to have…

Shah Rukh Khan & Sharmila to inaugurate 17th Kolkata film fest

Bollywood superstar
Shahrukh Khan and
yesteryear's actress
Sharmila Tagore will
inaugurate the 17th
Kolkata Film Festival
(KFF) starting Nov 10,
the organiser's said.
Veteran actress Supriya
Devi will be the guest of
honour at the inaugural.
Bengali movie star Koel
Mullick will be the thali
girl for the opening, her
father and KFF
chairperson actor Ranjit
Mullick said here.
"The opening film will be
'The Magican' by
Holland's Joram Lursen,"
he added.
There are many firsts
attached to 17th KFF -
for the first time, the
eight-day fest,
concluding Nov 17,
would have a
competitive section, a
big dash of Bollywood
glamour, screenings at
a multiplex and
inaugural event at the
Netaji indoor stadium
instead of the Nandan
Film Complex, which has
been the nerve centre
of the event since its
inception in 1995.
It would also be the
first time that former
chief minister
Bhattacharjee, the
moving force behind the
festival till last year,
would not be a…

Anna breaks silence, to regain power for Lokpal Bill fight

Breaking his 19-
day vow of silence
at Rajghat Friday
morning, anti-
corruption activist
Anna Hazare said
his 'maun vrat'
was not was not
against any
individual or
political party but
to regain power to
fight for a strong
Lokpal bill and
against corruption.
He is likely to
attend a meeting
of the standing
committee on the
Lokpal bill Friday,
his aides say.
"I visited the
Gandhi's memorial
today (Friday)
morning and broke
the maun vrat,
which I observed
since Oct 16. The
vow of silence was
not against any
individual or any
political party, but
to regain energy,"
Hazare told
reporters here.
The anti-
crusader said
"Bharat Mata ki
jai" after paying
tribute to
Mahatma Gandhi
at Rajghat.
"After the 12-day
fast in Ramlila
Maidan, my body
became weak. I
lost 7 kg of weight
so I had to
observe maun
vrat. Now after
the vow of silence
my body is back to
normal, I regained
the power to fight
for Jan Lokpal bill
and against

How much you know about Sex

Sex; it’s one of the most thought about subjects, but how much do we really know? Our knowledge of sex is often confused by rumours, misconceptions and outright lies. So, dust off your magnifying glass, pull out your probes and apply your long, investigative, latex gloves – it’s myth busting time:A woman can’t get pregnant when it’s her first time The notion that a woman cannot get pregnant the first time she has sex is still a commonly held belief. In Turkey 25 per cent of young people thought this was true. However, the truth of the matter is that without reliable contraception, pregnancy is possible, whether it is the woman’s first time or her fiftieth time. Read more: Surprising sex statistics you must know Teach your man to love Know your couple type Make your love work I can’t darling, I’ve got a headache Have you ever used the old headache excuse, or been denied some loving action because of one? Well, we have a cure for her sore head because sex has medicinal properties. When …