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What Happens When You Ignore The First Mistake

It not only takes your right to question the second occurrence but also opens a cycle that is hard to break.
First things are always the first. How lame a sentence, isn’t it? But seriously; Good, bad or ugly, firsts set the precedent and it’s always important to make note of them.
When an error, a mistake, a crime, an event where norm or law is broken for the first time, it is important to stop and question it then and there. However small or insignificant it may seem at first, it needs to be called out for what it is. A mistake. You don’t ignore it because it doesn’t matter and not affect your flow of work. It might not affect you now but believe me it will come to haunt you tomorrow and then you will have nothing to do about it except to regret. That’s exactly what I did last week when I went home. 
I had marriage of a family member to attend to at one side of Goa, a small Indian state famous for its pristine beaches, old churches and Portuguese era architecture. Couples had long tied …

The Scent, The Parting And Longing That Lives On

Remember when we first met Remember when we embraced each other close
That’s when I encountered your scent
The one that I have still not forgotten
I know we both have traveled long for now
Not together but on separate paths
But I remember that scent vividly
That invigorating feeling it evoked
Every night when I’m alone to myself
I wish to join you
I wish to make that scent mine

I remember buying the same soap as you Thinking the scent was from it
I remember buying the same perfume but
It took me a while to realize it was yours alone
It emanated from you and you alone
I remember hugging you tight at times
Just to get that scent on my body
I remember breathing heavy beside you
Losing myself in the scent I had so badly
Fallen in love with

I remember us parting on good terms I remember that day so well when we called it off
I remember it
I wanted an embrace, a close one, for one last time
I couldn’t ask
I stood there thinking how to put my feelings into words
I wanted to feel you close