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Snapchat Changes Its Name, Debuts Recording Spectacles

Snapchat as we know it is over. No no, it has nothing to do with recent hullabaloo over Instagram copying Snapchat. Well, you agree it or not, they did do copy-paste there. That’s past now. Let’s get back to what Snapchat has just attempted and in all cases this is huge. Before we dive straight to the main changeover, let’s take a moment to mention about Memories which Snapchat offered in their last update. In a real change from their ‘here and now’ approach, with Memories they attempted to provide us save option where we can save our favorite snaps. But that wasn’t all its purpose. It also had something to do with their new offering. No, this isn’t about another wacky filter!
Snapchat Inc Is Now Snap Inc Snapchat Inc. was the company that offered Snapchat, their only product so far. Wondering why they changed from Snapchat to Snap? It has something to do with a certain product, a hardware product. Snapchat is aiming to move past the app store with their new hardware, Specta…

Under The Oak Tree…

Under the Oak Tree
He went down on his knee
His wasn’t the fault he swear
He swear only to save the pair
Their breathe gave up its pace
Two were done with their Chase!

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18 died in Uri Attacks: Do We Really Care About Our Jawans? I mean Seriously.

In a recent attack on an army camp in Uri, Kashmir, India by 4 terrorists, 18 army soldiers have lost their lives. Many are injured. In January this year, we had lost 7 army personnels and 1 civilian in another terror attack which is better known today as Pathankot Attack. Before that there were other attacks and other deaths. How easy to sum things up right? State there is attack, numbers of people died, give attack a name, you’re done. And yes, add RIP or ‘my thoughts go out to’ or better ‘bomb Pakistan’, etc. If you are from government, then you’re in for luck. You express yourself in certain templates, if you are Prime Minister you tweet this. We strongly condemn the cowardly terror attack in Uri. I assure the nation that those behind this despicable attack will not go unpunished. — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) September 18, 2016

We strongly condemn because last time we only ‘condemned’. Plain simple condemn without stressing it ‘strong’. Make no mistake oh neighbor …

How I saved the Life of A Little Bird Caught-To-Death Inside Human Luxuries

Birds. Those lovely creatures with colorful feathers. The ones that can fly. We all love them, don’t we? May be we do. But sometimes our actions don’t speak for our words. May be we love the pleasure they bring to our hearts with their sounds and flights but we care very less for their life. Let’s face it. Why am I suddenly speaking about them? Well, something happened few days ago that involves a native Indian Bird, Myna, few of us humans and those glass walls which have become symbols of our metro culture.

Of late due to some work or other, I have not been visiting Central Cafeteria building at my workplace which is a huge two-storied round construction with minimum concrete and maximum glass walls. Probably the lead architect thought it will invite in natural light reducing cost of artificial lighting. Whatever his/her reasons, the birds are the new casualty in that plan. We may laugh it out or just be too embarrassed to admit, but we have all ran to crash on glass …

अभी अभी सुनने में आया है कि मोदी जी का ट्विटर अकाउंट हैक हो गया है!

अभी अभी सुनने में आया है कि मोदी जी का ट्विटर अकाउंट हैक हो गया है। भारत के प्रधानमंत्री दुनिया के अनगिनत देशों में शांति की गुहार लगाते लगाते कर्नाटक और तमिलनाडु पर आ ही रहे थे कि किसीने यह घोर आपत्तिजनक घटना को अंजाम दे दिया। भाजपा अध्यक्ष अमीत शाह जी ने इस पुरे व्याख्या की कड़ी से कड़ी कार्रवाई करने की बात बोली है। अलबत्ता यह सुनकर कारवाई खुद बौखलाई हुई है कि सिर्फ कारवाई में क्या कमी रह गई थी कि कड़ी से कड़ी कार्रवाई को बुलावा देना पड़ा। खैर आदरणीय शाह साहेब भी कर्नाटक और तमिलनाडु पे बोलने से चुक गये। हालांकि यह अटकलें लगाई जा रही है कि गृह मंत्री राजनाथ सिंह ने उनको इत्तला किया की इस घनघोर हैकिंग के पीछे किसी अरविंद का हाथ है। हाय रे अरविंद! मोदी जी तुम्हें काम न करने देते यह तो सुन सुन के हमारे कान पक गए। अब मोदी जी भी अपनी मनकी बात में मनकी भड़ास न निकाल दें। सुनने में तो यह भी आया कि मोदी जी ने दिल्ली के असली शाशनकर्ता को फोन घुमाया था पर जंग जी के घर से बोला गया कि वे विदेश में है। माननीय प्रधानमंत्री जी का दिल तो ललचाया, फॉरेन जाने के लिए नहीं ना पर जंग जी से …

My Favorite Thing About America Is The Divorce Rate And I Mean That Sincerely

My favorite thing about America is the divorce rate. & I mean that sincerely. — Arnessa (@Rrrrnessa) September 7, 2016

 In my usual morning chore of digging through Twitter, I stumbled upon the above tweet and was stunned at first. I mean, what? Divorce rate? Why would someone be happy about broken marriages, couples getting separated? But then I followed the thread. Arnessa goes on to make you believe why the divorce matters and how women are treated in most parts of the world. Although she keeps most of her discussion around immigrant communities, I would like to remind people how the tale is same in most parts of India and other developing nations as well. The more and more women are not educated, the more pathetic their lives. By education I don’t mean the knowledge to read and write but general awareness about their right, equal say in marriage etc..
It was high time somebody spoke it how it was ought to be. Following are the text of short and crisp tweets Arnessa

Reliance Jio is Hitting Indian Telcos Left Right And Centre All For Customers Good But No, It’s Not Really Free!

Free voice calls, lowest data tariff in the world, complimentary all-free services for three months — Reliance is back into Telecom business and if initial reaction of market is anything to go by, it is here to disrupt everything as we know it today. But remember, nothing really is free not even what is Free! If there is one thing that we Indians are crazy about, it’s anything that’s free. And people behind Reliance Jio know it very well. In an Indian telecom arena where big players like Bharti Airtel and Vodafone are already spread all over the length and breadth of India leaving the very little remaining space for other competitors, Reliance if it was serious of making any comeback that could be felt then it was supposed to make the ‘bombshell’ announcement. And it did exactly just that and lot more today when it announce arrival of Reliance Jio. The biggest bombshell it left today was the announcement that domestic calls will be free for lifetime. Roaming too is goi…

Arvind Kejriwal Sacks Sandeep Kumar Over Sex Scandle But Fails To Explain What Was So Scandalous!

“The sex tape of Kejriwal government’s women and child development minister begins with this room. The state of the room doesn’t suggest it is a minister’s room. The room has a cupboard (actually they are shelves) and the cupboard has books. One part of the cupboard (shelf) is broken. There’s a calendar hanging on the wall. The calendar needs to be pointed out (with a big, red bobbing arrow) because the calendar could prove to be a big clue in this sex scandal (meanwhile, the calendar is hidden by the ABP news logo). There’s an ordinary mattress with a sheet on it. Delhi’s cabinet minister Sandeep Kumar is about to enter the room with a minister. Minister Sandeep Kumar is wearing a red-coloured half-pant (a shirtless man enters the frame). And the woman is wearing a green dress. The woman is old and perhaps married. Look at this, minister Sandeep Kumar has entered. (Freeze frame, close up shot of Sandeep Kumar’s shirtless torso.)” Transcript (Courtesy: Shivam Vij)
A su…