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Stop Fighting over Tipu Sultan instead read History of which he’s a part now!

Tipu Sultan, the 18th century ruler is back from the grave to haunt the land he once so ferociously ruled. In the protests against Karnataka government for deciding to celebrate the birth anniversary of the Tiger of Mysore, one person has lost his life while others continue to boil their blood amidst winter’s chill. Karnataka government on the other-hand is acting all passive as if it’s a storm in the tea-cup, terming it as another political game to communalise the society. It’s one of the sad irony of our times how one person has lost his life over a ruler who lost his life more than 200 years back in a war fighting against the British!
Tipu was a patriot or ‘bigot’ is debatable. Those who are protesting claim he was a tyrant, an intolerant ruler while the other fraction claims he promoted communal harmony. Whose point are we supposed to buy? This is where history comes to our rescue. The then king of Mysore introduced number of innovations during his rule, including lunisolar calenda…