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All you need to know about new Snapchat update: Rainbow tongues, paid replays and more!

The teen-senasation app Snapchat is changing and how!
In a first, it has got in-app purchases, rainbow tongue selfies, ghost faces, science fiction lenses etc..
Power of Snapchat or its popularity lay in the fact how you were able to see your friends’ posts for just once. But that was an old story; company had begun to chip away its hallmark disappearing act years away, first with Snapchat Stories which stayed for unlimited viewing for a period of 24 hours and then with a slightly different but similar, Replay feature which allowed one-on-one messages to be replayed although one replay per day!
That One Replay Per Day is all set to change now with newly introduced paid feature. With Tuesday’s update, you can pay $0.99 for 3 additional replays, though each individual Snap can only be replayed only once. That means you have to choose 3 different snaps to replay! “We’ve provided one Replay per Snapchatter per day, sometimes frustrating the millions of Snapchatters who receive many daily Sna…

Why do you lose your ability to think rationally when you are horny and get it back upon ejaculation?

Ever wondered why all of a sudden after sex or ejaculation you gain your Sherlock instinct back? Or why you lose your instincts or power to think rationally while you are horny or busy thinking about the person of your dreams or anticipating a good drive of lovemaking with that dream person? Don’t worry. You are not alone who loses his instincts at that high time. Most of us do it too. Like any other stuff, there is a whole lot of science behind this losing of Sherlock instincts. Here what it is...

First things first. The way you feel when you are anticipating the intimacy or the way you feel when you are horny is controlled by your limbic system. It orders the body to redirect as much blood as it safely can do to the genitals. People who were attentive during 8th grade science lessons will remember how genitals don’t have bones like most of the other parts of the body has. So it is this blood which is pumped at this moment that helps it harden. In the meantime, the higher thoug…

Syrian Refugees and Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims: Two tales of Human Apathy

You have to understand, no one puts their child in a boat unless the water is safer than land - Warsan Shire.
An image of Aylan Kurdi, 3 year old whose lifeless body in a red shirt and dark shorts face down on a Turkish beach which washed off to shore like debris has galvanized the public attention to a crisis that has been building for years. His round cheek pressed to sand as if he is sleeping is nothing short of apathy the humanity has turned into. The boy along with family like million others were on their unsuccessful journey to safe shores but no one except father survived.
What brought Syria a treasure house of archaeological marvels which sadly are looted and bulldozed now only to be sold in black markets to such a stage where people are risking their blood to flee their homeland? It is not simple to sum it all in definite terms but here is a short summary of what happened. It all appears to have begun after the Arab Spring of 2011 where young Muslims across the Middle East looke…