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Welcome to the great Indian 'nautanki' called election in Karwar's government college!!

The great Indian bold 'tamasha' called election is all here in
Karwar's government college to entertain you with all its melodramatic
events from sarcastic comments to circus like moves. If all your week
and month had been boring enough, then do one simple thing, visit
here. I promise you will not be disappointed. It has all spies; ultra
cool remarks to uber cool actions. In short, a complete bollywood

Day before the big day was totally electrifying. With last date
already finished long back and only one candidate from boys & girls
respectively filed his & her nomination, we simply felt, this year to
pass in very dull shades. But much to the dismay of everyone, some
fine shots electrified usual neutral day. Firstly, going averse to the
rules, a girl decides to stand for election of which nomination date
has already finished! She certainly had quiet majority of girls
backing her, even from boys including me echoed our voice in support
of her in a o…

Addressing the temples which lay DONATION BOXES in front of almighty!!

More read:  My last post dealt with 'donations boxes' in temples. many argued for it as temples have no other resource to rely upon for running a temple. its true basically. I do understand that a building of material things can never be run alone by mere thoughts or pure devotion alone, it requires the hard monetary benefits to glide smoothly on its own and the abode of almighty bares no exclusion! From this perspective, shrines certainly need money to run them, and to serve the devotees that visit them. Actually the point isn't to bury the structures which have provided shelter and fundamental history to blossom and foster in their surroundings but to look in depth the current perspective that’s ruining the basic fundamental conscience of this religious ground zero buildings for which they basically were built! It’s not important how much you pay but the reason of your donations/p…

An untitled story of me, my mother, almighty God and the mystical DONATION BOX of temples!!

Evening was much to the dismay of it scheduled, scheduled for a visit to nearby temple for night's not so special but usual puja (is areligiousritualperformed byHindusas an offering to various deities, distinguished persons, or special guests#), except one small significance of mine going out with mum. Evening was it with black clouds surmounting the yet to be night sky with sun set into its kingdom long before. It didn't took me too long to get ready with very little styling to undergo for temple but mum was honestly taking very long time to get ready, after all she was one among those typical ladies who spends longer than usual to get ready for every event. Matter actually is not about mine or my mum's fashion statements; it’s beyond anyone's speculation! It wasn't sheer dress she was busy in. You know the things Indians take themselves while visiting a temple! Anyhow in the midst of all these things, mum had kept me busy with her questions of this and that... &…

Social Media blackout : Is Government of India killing fundamental democracy in the name of national security!?

A country much applauded for its modern democratic values, often
referred as largest democracy in the world is all set to axe on the
fundamental principles on which any democracy fosters. In the eye of
storm over recent exodus of north-east people from Banglore, Pune,
Chennai, Hyderabad and many parts of country; the govt. of India has
started blocking many a web-pages in the name of national security.
More than 200 URLs including twitter handles have already been
blocked, which is creating a whirlwind of debate all over the nation.

The recent pictures of north-eastern people moving in huge gigantic
numbers from railway stations to their hometowns was actually heart
wrecking and shameful being an Indian. Further, it would certainly
provoke anybody to think of blocking objectionable content from social
networking sites which was the prima-facie reason believed to
intimidate the much talked, debated and discussed north-eastern exodus
in unbelievably large numbers as legitimate step to s…

66th Independence Day : Why love the county which boasts in its vividness!

Its 66th Independence Day of a nation which boasts of its vivid
culture and people yet it successfully achieve its principled 'unity
in diversity'. Following are some quotes from people outside India
about our myriad motherland...

We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which
no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made!" -Albert

If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of
living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man
began the dream of existence, it is India!" --French scholar Romaine

India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech,
the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand
mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most astrictive materials
in the history of man are treasured up in India only!" -Mark Twain

So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by
man or nature, to make India the most extr…

Karwar city pungently smelling with rotten fishes!! Has the City Muncipal Council kept its eyes shut and nostrils closed for eternity??

Sovereign independent India is all gearing up to celebrate its 66th
Independence Day with all glory and euphoria but the triumphant city
of Karwar is in the midst of all this trying hard to keep people away
from visiting its scenic Tagore beach! Whole of the city especially
the premises nearer to the open sea shores are filled with pungent
strong dirty aroma of rotten fishes spread ruthlessly on sea shore.
Just a simple drive on nearby road which used to give ecstatic scenic
experiences other day is all set to divulge you into a state of
vomiting today.

Today isn't the sole day when it got started all of a sudden but from
more than two days its been continuously raising in its magnitude. Its
not the merry sea shore to be blamed upon instead the fishermen nearby
who when harboring fishes have thrown useless ones which do not garner
income in the town market in open space which has rotten as of now and
had been the worry of many nostrils. Who are to be blamed? Well! Its
not the fish…

India turns 66!! But how far have the Indians changed from 1947...

The largest democracy in the world is all set to celebrate its 66th Independence Day on August 15, but is unfurling tricolor on flag post so high enough to celebrate a country's Independence Day? It wouldn't be surprising for many to hear how people enjoy it as just another day in the list of their jolly holidays! I don't say I do anything very special that you too should practice along but I want everybody at other side to understand the deep meaning of living in an Independent nation. Nor am I in any mood to make you re-listen anything of an excerpt from Independence Day speech that runs in all the schools, colleges and institutions that function in India! Our ears have listened them enough, not anymore right? How Gandhiji, Bhagat Singh, Vallabhbhai Patel, Subhashchandra Bose and many more fought in their own way to present us the merry independence that we all enjoy today! But was this the typical INDEPENDENCE they all fought for? Is this the same India they wanted us …

India all set to celebrate its 66th Independence Day; Its people? Well! They are planning for holiday!!

Largest democracy in the whole of this world, yes, you heart it right!
Largest democracy! A proud secular nation is all getting ready to
celebrate its 66th Independence Day. At many a places tricolors are
already decorating shops and busy Indian markets. Goverment offices
are all busy painting their old shabby buildings, Ministers and yet to
be chief guests are preparing their intolerable speeches, small
children at home are already busy reciting National Anthem, Jana Gana
Mana. Participants at national parade are practising hard their
parade. But what about common people of this over populated nation?
Are they doing anything worth mentioning? Yes! To the dismay of every
other patriot residing in this country, there are equal or more people
who have kept themselves busy in planning programmes for this day -

Ours is a very unique nation. Look at the history and everybody
undoubtedly would find one or the other thing that keeps India out
from the bunch …

Happy Friendship Day Legends!!

The breezy winter mornings I wake in The dusky evenings I sleep in The
merry laughs I undergo
All and more, are nothing but illusion without you!

Birth they say is when journey begins
Alas! My start's the day I caught you in
Even my sorrows turn to sheer pebbles
when Its you I walk in with!

My belief in god gets a hit at times
I simply cease to believe in!
Then the gleam of your smile
makes my doubts settle down...

Iam not any legend but you are..
You are the person I crave for
Iam mere a blood n flesh on skeletal
Its you my friend who makes me HUMAN.