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What Rahul Gandhi's rebel avatar on criminal ordinance mean to India & a political spectrum ruled by party whip!

After many days of silence and sober appearances Rahul Gandhi has
taken a stand on something as grave and important as this ordinance
which aimed to nullify Supreme Court order barring convicted MPs from
parliament. In his strong statement, Gandhi scion has called the ordinance
'nonsense', thereby giving an all new dimension to Indian politics
which survived barely on party whip and decisions taken from
high-command. In a nation where politicians rarely speak their mind
fearing an ouster from the party, this comes as a shocker from Vice
President of India's grand old party that has precisely defined India of today in its decades long administration.

Earlier, Supreme Court has passed an order making it impossible for
'criminal' MPs to continue in both houses of parliament. The order was
seen as an effort, a move towards cleansing a rotten system crushing
under dirty hands of corruption. Many had seen it as a move that will restore voters confidence in the already deg…

Can faith really move mountains? Think again before it's a no!

There is this saying, we have been taught in primaries, 'Faith can move mountains'. I don't know exactly if it really could do so by moving one such mountain magically, but literally 'yes', it can. For I have read this story of a man from Bihar, India who had cut a rocky mountain from middle, all by himself to carve out a path that could lower distance of market from his village, thereby saving millions of hours from people's lives getting wasted just to travel! It had taken considerable span of his own life to hammer out such a path but that never succeeded to lower his morale; he was rock steady and determined to achieve what he had dreamt the other day. Faith in his dream kept him moving despite being turned into an object of stupidity till his dream materialized into the realm of this world.

Science says it's the energy that drives a man to his destiny; it's the energy that runs this universe. It might actually. But what use is the energy for a bird …

Decoding Syria: Know how and why a state is in war with itself!

Everyone who follows news or not but on social-media platforms knows that something is going on in a part of world called Syria. Few know what it is but don't know why and those who know why too, wonder why US president Obama is pitching for war against state of Syria. This piece is for all such enthusiasts who know bits and wish to explore more.

To know exactly what is going on in Syria and why is a challenge in itself. On basic note as New York Times says it: Syria and its history are actually complicated. So mastering its happenings ditto is long, tedious and near impossible task. Let us not deal the same.

To begin with, Syria is a country in middle-east, along the eastern shore of Mediterranean Sea with population of 22 million. It is diverse, ethnically and religiously, but most Syrian’ are ethnic Arab and follow Sunni branch of Islam. Presently it is in the middle of extremely violent civil war, fighting between rebels and government forces has killed 100,000 and has created 2…