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I Love You — Can We Fall In Love, Please?

It is crazy how after a hi
And crazy exchange of flirting
You send that I love you text
Everyone after few texts nowadays
Is asking if we can fall in love with
As if they are asking to put jeans on
Or to sign on those dotted lines
It doesn’t work like that
You don’t love because you want to
That is how you have sex
And that is alright
Few need it as an entry filter
before calling each other a couple
And that is alright too
But Love, it just happens
without validation and screenings
There is no starting point for love
I love you is not the start
It is just the officiating
It begins long before you utter those words
Long before you know it, it just blooms inside

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Has It Ever Happened To You?

Has it ever happened to you?
That you are in bed with someone
Your bodies touching each other
But you aren’t there altogether
Your mind is wandering elsewhere
In some other bed, someone else’s arms
Smelling a body alien to one you are in with now
Smooching a face far away from this room
Has it ever happened to you…