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That Innocence from Childhood captured at 120 fps by OnePlus One!

When you look at a child, what's the most striking feature that strikes your mind? Are they concerned of how they look, how others see them  or who they are our how good their families are? I believe not. They give a damn about all this societal frames and blocks which in fact rule our life. On the other hand they are care free. They have a world of their own where worries and tensions have very little or no job to do to. You are the master of your own destiny said some philosopher. We create our own failure and our own success. This line may surprise some but that's the truth. Success and failures are but notions created by our own brain. If they were facts like sun rises in the east then why does it happen at times that what is success to you becomes failure to others? It's a long story, let's deal some other day! Enjoy and make merry till then. And let that child inside you come out and conquer better off you to make you more merrier with his or her innocence at i…

Why everyone is busy googling who Kailash Satyarthi is and furious over India being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2014?

Just when I was posting tweets and updates on my social networking portals, a friend who had switched on his TV after getting the news of India-Pakistan sharing together the Nobel peace called me to ask who this Kailash Satyarthi is! Add to it, he was furious. Furious because in his views, 'International Community' was trying to 'shame' India by over-exposing its problems; they were trying to shift the focus from strong and powerful government, development, PM's successful American visit to this old embarrassing problems! I was surprised for sure but more so because he didn’t for single second asked me about who Malala is!
Okay. Let's face it. We, including me, know very less or nothing about the Satyarthi's who work in dark without the wish and hopes of spotlights. We know about Malala Yousufzay, after all the news of Taliban shooting and international communities’ efforts to idolise her. She had already been part of many UN functions and has been awarded m…