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Uttarakhand fallout: Narendra Modi rescues 15,000 Gujaratis,what Army couldn't! And Rahul Gandhi shows who rules India!

Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh which have been hit by worst ever combination of monsoon, cloud bursts and landslides all at once has witnessed hitherto unseen visitors who if am not wrong scarcely visited any of this hill towns prone to sabotage round the clock. From PM to UPA Chairperson to CMs of other states to voyeuristic ministers, all have visited the ravaged sites in name of aerial surveys or to get a 'eyesight' of how 'bad' the place has been hit. They came and gone causing technical hues to the rescue operations as they bring with them the baggage of VIP status plus their security 'convoy'. Hmm, yes. They didn't help rescue any of the men or women stranded in those 'dead' hills now. They all came and gone; but our man was at to arrive, arrive with hope and promise which only superman could understand or can do away with. Next? Next is what they call some miracle!

Nature has shown its wrath on all that was built cutting its territory and pa…

Winds of change: Do you feel proud or inferior when speaking in Kannada?

Not many days has gone since I read a post on Facebook regarding
plight of Kannada language inside the capital of a state whose name
jingle out of it. It roughly regarded the dread brink-point Kannada
was in, plus how minimal number of people were preferring to converse
in a language old as divine. Even the locals have switched to pizza
leaving idli-vada a thumbs down. Alright, English is cool but Kannada
isn't any funny too. Moreover it's one language that gets you
connected sooner with other people. Why can't Kannada flourish as
silicon city blooms?

Changes must occur time and again, to make way for newer, more easier
things. Some might argue taking example of Sanskrit but Kannada is no
stern nor stubborn language; it has with time got itself moulded - be
it words, style, sentencing, there is lot that went under hammer.
Amidst all it had survived and it will for centuries to go but people
are no more taking pride in speaking the age old dravidian cult. Pri…