Uttarakhand fallout: Narendra Modi rescues 15,000 Gujaratis,what Army couldn't! And Rahul Gandhi shows who rules India!

Narendra Modi: Intelligent bluff-master or unparalleled developer...! 

Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh which have been hit by worst ever combination of monsoon, cloud bursts and landslides all at once has witnessed hitherto unseen visitors who if am not wrong scarcely visited any of this hill towns prone to sabotage round the clock. From PM to UPA Chairperson to CMs of other states to voyeuristic ministers, all have visited the ravaged sites in name of aerial surveys or to get a 'eyesight' of how 'bad' the place has been hit. They came and gone causing technical hues to the rescue operations as they bring with them the baggage of VIP status plus their security 'convoy'. Hmm, yes. They didn't help rescue any of the men or women stranded in those 'dead' hills now. They all came and gone; but our man was at to arrive, arrive with hope and promise which only superman could understand or can do away with. Next? Next is what they call some miracle!

Nature has shown its wrath on all that was built cutting its territory and path. There is no thing except main shrine at Kedarnath which is in place. After Friday evening's destruction Gujarat Chief Minister or 'rambo man' by now, Narendra Modi lands in Dehradun with his convoy of officers which some claim on social media to have nearly 80 Innovas with them. And with this officers and vehicles our man rescued whopping 15,000 Gujarati pilgrims who were stranded in hills alongside vivid other people from across the nation or even across boundaries. Forget foreign nationals, they are distinguishable from Indian cult. How about finding Gujarati folk amidst fellow Indian pilgrims? Gargantuan task. May be for me and you not for this man who has ruled Gujarat for more than a decade or so. He must be aware of even their nerve beats. Okay. Modi and his team easily traced Gujarati cult, what next? Boarding them onto Innovas and cross ravaged Kedarnath but how?

Reports or at last the media cameras show roads that are nowhere today to be seen. Hills and shambled houses in midst of heavy debris flowing and accumulated everywhere camera could point to makes one wonder how this 80 Innovas can cross by and reach Kedarnath which has no connection not even a route to walk by forget road lines for Modi's Innovas. But then, the man we are talking about is in himself a technocrat of myriad heights; some jugaad might have powered these Innovas there and may be by some miracle they traveled smoothly to & fro saving lives of stranded Gujaratis. But then, how long will it take for 80 Innovas to completely evacuate 15000 pilgrims across hilly roads which lower your speed, boarding different trips to and fro? Well, I live this math to you. I'm quiet not good at such calculations. But rough work or at last military establishment at work there equipped with modern tools and chopper speak it impossible as they weren't able to rescue not more than 40,000 people over all this period!

Army to me has done excellent work which is worth million bows. But then, people's lives are more important than anyone's pride or embarrassment. So if Modi has rescued people although Gujaratis alone but in such large numbers then govt must start training army greats at places where Modi and his team got trained! Just to provide them wings enough to fly 80 Innovas. 

Even if one agrees with 15,000 figure ( Don't know whose math skills fixed it so ), why only Gujaratis, why not any he or she? After all, Narendra Modi is no more just a CM of some state we always feel proud of but is ready to and already crowned plus pitched as national leader in race to Prime Ministership. As Udhhav Thackeray pointed out in Shiv Sena mouthpiece 'Saamna' - why is he acting parochial at this moment of urgency a part of nation is in?

OKAY. Let us even forget that. At last Narendra Bhai has rescued 15,000 people; forget Gujarati or what. They too are Indians outside the Gujarat border. Though it's cruel to hear from someone who always talks about 'inclusive growth'. 

Amidst all this ruckus of nature and man's fury, politics has crossed its limits from all corners. We had our 43 year old youngster, Rahul Gandhi who visited Uttarakhand even after Home Minister's advice of 'NO VIPs' as it hampers rescue operations. It certainly reminded us what Modi said a day earlier - a country with two heads! Now you know who the real ruler is. Manmohan and his ministers or Gandhi scions is easy to choose from. Meanwhile he didn't went off with any stranded people. God forbid what could had trended on twitter if that had been so.

After all, it was #WhereIsPappu that brought our youngster from his safe heavens. 

BJP, Congress are all the same; if one's Relief Camp reads "BJP Rahat Shivir", the other one flies with chopper having food packets with their flags. What more could had people asked from their leaders at this time of adversity...

Let less politics, more help be our motto not otherwise.

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