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‘Bengal Is Burning’ — The Need To Condemn FIR Against Sudhir Chaudhary & Co Even If The Channel Is Zee News

Freedom of Press to me is paramount. There are no two ways about it. There is no if and but. Government should have no say in what press reports and what it doesn’t. It is job of editor to do so. Government if it finds, the reportage is false, mala fide or one-sided then it can always present its side. Governments always have enough power in their arsenal to do so. Most of the governments have state media which continuously airs views and opinions in favor of the state. Despite all the arsenal to communicate at its will, governments, left, right and center have used all the power at their hand to hammer at news organizations and reporters who report what is obviously not in favor of the government. Here’s what happened in West Bengal recently which requires our attention at this disturbing trend which is all so growing in recent times.
Bengal Is Burning.
“Clashes broke out after a Milad-ul-Nabi procession was stopped, allegedly by some people from the Hindu community, on December 13. …

The Most Annoying And Cringe-worthy Part About Texting Is…

There’s some charm about texting. I feel one really is more freer than he or she is face-to-face. The flirt in you really comes alive and shines there. But in contrast to a conversation over coffee or brunch, texting has its own downsides. I’m not actually talking about a slow text-er or someone who only replies to your long texts with ‘hmm’, ‘ok’, ‘yup’ etc. They no doubt are absolute putdowns. But they only disappoint you. They don’t scare you. But there are occasional, very rare moments in chats which mess with your mind, those that scare the shit out of you. The moment when you ask yourself, wait, what did I just do?
Most of the times when chats go long and deep, you get your mojo going, and juices just flow. You say stuff without worrying about their consequences. You feel confident that this won’t be misunderstood or that sarcastic remark which is so obvious, they’ll get. But no, that’s not how it unfolds. Suddenly, all of a sudden, person from the other side who…