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It’s Long Since We Became Us — A Short Poem About Love and Lust

It’s long since I pulled you close
It’s long since we hurt each other
It’s long.. 
It’s long since our fingers intertwined
It’s long since ours laughs synced
It’s long.. 
It’s long since you called me yours
It’s long since I became yours
It’s long.. 
It’s long since you held me close
It’s long since I breathed heavy
It’s long.. 
It’s long since you beat my lip
It’s long since I bit that neck
It’s long since we became us
It’s long…

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A Man Just Died On The Border: A Tale of Insignificance and Foolishness of Human Conceits

A man just died on the LOC — Line Of Control. A man-made line since 1947 on this globe that came into existence long long before those who ‘drew’ it came into existence themselves. This line was drawn to mark and differentiate two countries namely, India and Pakistan who till that day lived in co-existence as colonies under another nation called England who had built an empire where ‘sun never set’. These two nations called it quit and actually, this was the first BRexit from history! But alas, like many other inventions from subcontinent, this too went unnoticed.
He didn’t simply die like god would will it otherwise but was shot. A whizzing bullet straight to his head, sideways. Someone aimed it center but missed his mark yet the man died. What a poor creature. This planet of ours which is revolving around a star named ‘Sun’ in a galaxy called ‘Milky Way’ and universe which is infinite with umpteen galaxies, and still more umpteen stars and planets is inhabited by many creatures. We …

Truth Be Told, An India of Billion People Should Be Ashamed About PV Sindhu being ‘First Woman to clinch Silver’

“Starting an academy wasn’t easy. Though in 2003, the Andhra Pradesh government, as a token of appreciation for his All-England triumph in 2001, allotted five acres of land to Gopichand to build his academy, the onus of raising the Rs 13 crore he needed to set it up, was entirely on Gopi’s shoulders. The several corporate houses whom Gopi approached, hemmed and hawed, but did not pitch in. He had to finally mortgage his house to raise Rs 3 crore and industrialist Nimmagadda Prasad donated Rs 5 crore. A few smaller donations helped kickstart the project,” writes T S Sudhir, senior sports journalist in this NewsLaundry piece.
If you are Indian or know India then you will know it still better how things are run in this country. On Friday, every Indian probably who knew about Pusarla Venkata Sindhu aka PV Sindhu was praying for her to win gold. #SindhuForGold was trending top on twitter. Nation of billion people which otherwise was divided on umpteen issues was united in their prayers. I…

Yellow Umbrella — What happened when ‘Best Couple’ Fought!

They were sitting. Quietly at their eleventh floor office. One in white and another in light pink. Their workstation a perfect pedestal to savor rains without getting wet. From there they used to see people walk down the lane that lead to main gate, see people sipping tea sitting on bench under that shady almond tree. They enjoyed watching people from above. It made them feel like super-humans. They watched people walk away from their tower and come to it, in group of two, three, four and sometimes lonely souls. But today was unlike those days. Nobody was looking through glass walls. The eyes that watched people from eleventh floor were busy onto something else today. Fingers were pointed at one another, mouths opened wide and shut, the poor rack of files were getting punched and kicked from their restive place. A war was upon them. Every other occupant of eleventh floor was staring at the screen before them. The blue, white, yellow screens with black texts. But they w…