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Goa's milky-white Dudhsagar and gang of money-collectors of heaven albeit with receipts!

For those who rely on adventurous sports or places driven by nature's glory in and around Goa, Dudhsagar is no new name to your dictionary. With picturesque forest covered mountains at rear, a railway bridge before it and milk ( Dudh in India stands for milk and Sagar for ocean, that's how this falls got its name! ) sprawling from uncanny mountain range, it is a sight one would crave to watch and cherish forever; and euphoric tourists from abroad lined for tickets at ticket-counter speak exactly that.

How do you go there? Not so tough heady task. Once you reach Goa, the work is almost done, the place is quite famous that anybody will get you to the heavenly spot ( not to falls but ticket counter of course! ). The actual bargain begins from here on.

First and foremost, if you have come with a private vehicle of yours, you are stopped little far from where tickets are issued and you are made to walk for about 5-10 minutes, depends how you put your steps or how bad shopping junky y…