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History in making: Head-of-state Arvind Kejriwal turns to street creating ‘chaos’ but why I still believe in that anarchism of his!

Forget ‘How often’, when in history have we seen head-of-the-state sitting on dharna for change in his own state?
When newspapers and electronic media dubbed AamAadmi Party‘s rise as ‘history in making’, I personally giggled, for it was mere an entrant cracking exams in first attempt! Where was that‘new’ or ‘alternative’ in it? Yes, the idea of Swaraj (self-rule) which our constitution has laid out already but we never felt it, but then, it was just a talk, a manifesto to woo impatient voters. Such innovative, out-of-the-box manifestos were not new to Indian voters; each new election year, with old promises, we are sold for a few new ones and as-fast-as-that they are forgotten once they start travelling under VIP red beacons. Just as simple as that! Okay, AAP ended the VIP culture with no red beacons and put an end to ‘You-know-who-my-father-is’ dialogue-baazis. This was new for the state but then again, not the one to dub history-in-making,for we already have seen such gestures in th…

Impatient India: From dictating terms to fleeing borders, is India turning into impatient's capital?

An odd 'like' on Facebook and you are on door of a shadowy police lock-up, an odd tweet and you are beaten on a ghastly night-street. A fire-ball comment over some old-but-always-in-news-issue and you're slapped in your own office! The largest democracy of world, the one that taught non-violence and peace to wider audience has travelled all this far to a gleam position where it's all about 'them' and 'us'. In India of today, you are no more allowed to have a opinion of yours nor are you allowed to not have any opinion and be a fence-sitter either! Impatience and intolerance have become keys that define our lives. The vicious 'them vs. us' attitude has plagued the very conscience of India that once gave call for eternal harmony of one and all. We have started to overlook the ideas 'they' have or the 'solutions' they possess. Be it Prashant Bhushan who is facing public ire today over his comment in 2011 where he suggested that a re…