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When you are asked to vacate your room all because you called Bengaluru Police!

"Sir! You don't know with whom you are playing with. You will find yourself in serious problem if you continue what you are doing," said or threatened a construction worker when I went overboard and climbed the vehicle carrying too-loud-and-noisy generator and, turned it off! 
 Now someone who always argues about non-violence and respecting the law of the land (I consider myself one among them) would term my actions as 'taking law in hand'. I don't disagree. In fact my friend who was witness to all this mayhem expressed the same. What caused me to go overboard around 12 O' clock midnight was no extraordinary cause but mere an occurrence of incident which goes on every other day in India but few of us bother to take note (or notice!).
 So let me take you to what happened or was happening all these days in a densely populated residential area. There was this construction which was going on around our place at the IT capital of India (read Bangalore) from wher…