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Even Big B envies SRK's energy and speed

Courtesy: Times Of India It was on this day (Jun 26) exactly twenty years ago that he entered the cinema industry. However, the path hasn't been a rosy one for the man who's now referred to as the Badhshah of Bollywood. Nine years ago Shah Rukh Khan had said in an interview "June 26 marks exactly 11 years since I faced the cameras for my first shot for Dil Aashna Hai. I knew it would be a tough field, a very demanding profession." Although the star admitted on Twitter that luck has played a major role in making him a superstar, the actor has never once slowed down or shown a sign of complacence. The day he has free time, he starts off with connecting to his fans on Twitter. This is one ritual his fans look forward to. Once online, he tweets, "off to shooting now. ok will do 10 questions...nothing better than to start the day by being questioned...yes we all have our quirks!!" The best part about the actor is that he doesn't shy away from answering any ki…

Rajini not to compete with Shah Rukh Khan

courtesy:Hindustan Times

South star Rajinikanth has postponed his next to avert a box-office clash with SRK's YRF film and Ajay Devgn's Son of Sardar. All the films were scheduled for a Diwali release, reports Mid Day. A source told the tabloid: “Rajni sir’s South market is totally secure. In fact,when KamalHaasan heard of Rajni ji’s Diwali plans, he postponed the release date of his Hindi-Tamil-Telugu tri-lingual film. But then the news of the Ajay Devgn-starrer being released during Diwali surfaced. Though, it in no way affects Rajni ji’s Southern and overseas market, the Hindi version is bound to get affected.”
“Incidentally, Yash Chopra had already announced that he would be releasing his film during Diwali. Initially, Rajni’s team was ready and willing to take on Ajay’s film even in the Hindi belt. But now with Sonakshi Sinha’s soaring popularity after Rowdy Rathore, it was felt that a Diwali release was just not practical,” adds the source.

I just got lucky, says charming Shah Rukh Khan after completion of 20 years in Bollywood

source:India Today On this day two decades ago a new Hindi film superstar emerged: Bollwood's all-time favourite romantic hero Shah Rukh Khan, who debuted with Deewana. On completing 20 years, SRK says he just "got lucky" and admits he has made mistakes all along "Twenty uninterrupted years of serving. Not enough talent or looks or game plan. Thank you all. I guess I got lucky, lucky to be working all the time," tweeted Shah Rukh, who entered filmdom with, which released June 25, 1992. Superstardom, disappointment and controversies - Delhi guy SRK has seen it all in his celebrityhood. For Shah Rukh, it's been two decades in Bollywood, but his tryst with showbiz began in 1988, the year he started his journey with TV series Fauji, after being trained at The Barry John's Acting Studio. Next year he featured in another successful show Circus and Doosra Keval.If people loved his act on small screen, he won hearts as a crazy lover in Deewana, in which he was c…

Why only APJ KALAM could do justice to post of President of India?

With race to Raisina Hills rising and amidst many a big speculations. This one man's candidature stands tall!! But in Indian politics RUBBER STAMPS are more valued than visionaries! will APJ KALAM revive his magic? Will we be able to see PEOPLE'S PRESIDENT for the second term? Read on.....

With Mamata and Mulayam raising speculations by picking APJ Kalam's name for Presidential candidature, hopes of million Indians took a dip in creamy elixir! For a country known mostly because of its merry politicians this man stands all apart. Media well from days is abuzz with news of Race to Presidential House. Earlier it was media which brought alive hopes of masses with Kalam's name in race but then with no political party's backing, it was passed into cold bath. But then, it was Mamata Bannergy after meeting Congress president Sonia Gandhi, made it clear that Pranab da and Hamid Ansari are congress's first choices but she is averse to them and with Mulayam Singh Yadav wil…

Most people believe in Almighty God! But is that belief due to fear of dangers, lure of treasure, blessings or out of sheer devotion?

Every individual on this planet is well versed with an identity called 'GOD', whether it exists or not, is not the question of much importance at the moment because we are not acquiented with enough energy and tools to prove or disprove it. So those swirling ideas which question on its existence be kept aside and think for a while about the people who believe in God. Try to explore what actually might be the prima facie reason that makes them believe and confide in Almighty! Is it the fear, fear of losing oneself, fear of danger, fear of being devoid from merry blessings or simply out of pure and infinite fountain of love? Before we start assessing the reasons, let me make you aware of the reason why this thoughts churned into my peacefull state of mind and brought here to you!
Hell bent as I was yesterday night when suddenly a streak of questions crossed my usual quite brain. All that occured all of a sudden was perhaps the reward of my instant NO to a friend who called me up…

Internet changes wednesday with IpV6 but most people will not be able to notice it!!


With IP addresses now depleted, the Internet Society is leading the
launch of IPv6 to allow the web to continue growing.
Without adopting IPv6, people surfing the web will have to go through
a transitional gateway before entering a non- updated site using IPv4,
making the experience slower. On launch day Wednesday, website
owners are encouraged to permanently enable IPv6 — the next
generation of Internet protocol. "World IPv6 Launch Day
is a lot larger than people understand," John Curran, president
and CEO of the American Registry for Internet Numbers, told
Mashable in an email. "IPv6 is the single largest upgrade in the
history of the Internet. It's not a small decision for the major content
providers to turn on IPv6 and leave it on. "Going forward,
Internet users will be forced to go through transition gateways to
reach businesses that do not similarly upgrade by adding IPv6 connectivity, with the
result being slower connections a…

NASA gets two new Hubble Telescopes absolutely free!!

It hardly bears mentioning that the orbiting Hubble Space
Telescope is one of the most extraordinarily successful scientific
instruments of all time. Since 1993, when the telescope's flawed
mirror was set right by a set of custom-fit corrective lenses, the
Hubble has captured one spectacular image after another, of
everything from the familiar planets of the Solar System to
quasars and galaxies at the very edge of the visible universe — and
thanks to four repair missions by shuttle-riding astronauts, the
telescope has managed to survive the harsh
environment of orbital space far longer than
anyone could have imagined. All good things must
come to an end, though. The shuttle is flying no
more, and within the next couple of years, the aging telescope will
gradually wink out too. It will be a terrible loss to science, and it kind of
makes you wish someone had a spare Hubble secretly stashed
away, just waiting to be unpacked and sent into orbit. That's what
would h…

Sachin Tendulkar sworn in as Rajya Sabha MP - Master hinted WHY PEOPLE CALL HIM GOD OF CRICKET?

Sachin Tendulkar politely accepted his nomination as Rajya Sabha MP
and on June 4, he started another brilliant innings by signing in the
register. It was an ecstatic moment both for master and his admirers,
perhaps whole country rejoiced.

Meanwhile the most important thing to be noted was the way he thanked
the game, which made possible all such accolades to flow towards him.
It was rarely seen anytime someone as great as Little Master thanking
the profession before themselves. Silencing all his detractors who
were busy spreading news of his retirement, Tendulkar said, "He was
nominated to RS all because of cricket, so no chances of leaving the
game behind atleast for now". This clearly depicted how close the game
of cricket is to Sachin. He very well understands the well known fact
that, A LEGEND CALLED SACHIN TENDULKAR was created all out of cricket;
today world remembers him, praises him, accolads him, praises him all
due to his classic game.


Baba Ramdev - Anna Hazare fast: Arvind Kejriwal creates confusion by walking out in middle!! Is media right or there is something unreported?

TIMES OF INDIA reported as follow:

"Team Anna member
Arvind Kejriwal
storms out of fast
venue after Ramdev
snubs him
Jun 3, 2012, 04.00PM
An angry
Kejriwal on Sunday walked out of the joint fast venue of Anna Hazare and
Baba Ramdev after the yoga guru snubbed him over his comments against
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other politicians.
NEW DELHI: Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal
has stormed out of the venue where Baba
Ramdev and Anna
Hazare are holding a day-long joint fast here, according to Times
Kejriwal walked out of the fast venue after he
was virtually snubbed by Baba Ramdev over
his comments against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other politicians.
During his speech,
Kejriwal attacked Singh and his Cabinet colleagues whom Team Anna had accused of
indulging in corruption and mentioned the
names of Mulayam
Singh Yadav, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Jayalalithaa and
Soon after Kejriwal finished his speech, Ramdev took the

Karwar college asking for 'Development Fees', but where's the development?

Welcome!!! First and foremost, let me assure you with total guarantee that I'm in no mood to portray myself as your leader or head nor do I have any of such wild intentions. I'm very much happy with what I do and how I dwell on this very planet.
Alright, the main matter that’s been hardly worrying me and you is so called, 'DEVELOPMENT FEES'. It’s been quoted as 'so called' all because the money that’s being collected in the name of it, is nowhere being utilized for development sake at all or perhaps hardly we have seen it doing so! My friends, you might clearly remember how last blatantly time the same amount was collected particularly at wrong times of the year when, practical’s were nearer and OMR sheets were being filled (Intelligently blackmailed you might call it thus ). Further, with no choice to think or discuss, haphazardly we all paid. Meanwhile, there was little resistance from notable girls. The boys, they all were innocently still and quiet as usual; some boys alt…