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Can your friend be your sex buddy?

courtesy: The Times Of India He loves me, he loves me not. She'll call back, she won't." Well, not all tales that begin with plucking petals or waiting for a call, end up in bed. For the girl or guy you save the last dance for, need not be the one you spend your life with. But, that's ok. Isn't it? For, till you find your ideal partner, you can have fun with a buddy. All you have to do is just give a call or drop a message and he or she will be there at your doorstep. Yes, having a f**k or a sex buddy is cool, comfy and fun, feel the youth. We talk to them on what they call a "win-win situation."
A friend in need, is a friend indeed! Who else, but your buddy to best understand your needs. "A bed buddy keeps one happy, 'coz there are no strings attached. And it's not a new trend, just that now it's a fad, just like having a boyfriend or a girlfriend," says Prateek, a manager with a city eatery. "It's hassle-free and convenien…

study supports sex-addiction as a diagnosis worthy disorder

courtesy: TIME
Is sex addiction a real disorder— or just an excuse for bad behavior? The condition—now labeled “hypersexual disorder”— is up for consideration as a diagnosis to be included as a research topic in the next edition of psychiatry’s diagnostic manual, the DSM-5. A new study provides support for its inclusion.
In a paper published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine researchers studied 207 people who had visited outpatient clinics and reported problematic sexual behavior.  The clinics offered either specific counseling and treatment for sexual addiction or more general treatment for drug addiction or psychiatric problems. The participants were randomly selected among those seeking admission whose problems included at least some compulsive sexual behavior. The authors used the criteria proposed for DSM-5 to make the diagnosis.  So for at least six months, a person must suffer from a preoccupation with sex or sexual fantasies and repeatedly engage in related behaviors to the p…

Here's why you must have sex everyday!

courtesy: Times Of India
Have you ever heard that song called Sexual Healing? It's not just a metaphor. Sex can actually heal. It can heal your body and mind and prevent lots of diseases. Some say it's the first medicine ever known to man and it should be administered daily. Sounds too good to be true? Let's discover the four reasons for which a man should have sex each day.
Great form of exercise 
Making love is a form of physical activity. During intercourse, the physiological changes in your body are consistent with a workout. You must have noticed that the respiratory rate rises, which means you get tired. Hence, you burn calories. If you have sex three times a week for 15 minutes (but we know you can do better than that) you'll burn about 7.500 calories in a year. That's the equivalent of jogging 75 miles! Heavy breathing raises the amount of oxygen in your cells, and the testosterone produced during sex keeps your bones and muscles strong. Pain relief 
The "…

Saavdhaan Mumbai!! After Balasaheb it's MNS chief Raj Thackeray who takes charge in arresting YOUTH OVER FACEBOOK COMMENT!

After two girls arrested over Facebook comment and subsequent 'like'
on alleged 'abusive' remarks over Bal Thackeray's funeral procession
and 'Mumbai Shutdown' following the same; it's now the turn of his
nephew or so called look-alike MNS chief Raj Thackeray who has pulled
the shots to make possible the arrest of a youth following 'abusive'
comments over him and 'marathi manoos'. Wonder if this guys have taken
contract of crushing anyone who dares to speak against!

What is most intriguing in this whole jaw-dropping drama is the man
this time who have supposedly called the shots -Raj Thackeray. Known
exclusively for his anti north-indians stand, the man already has
fuelled many a head lines for speaking ill of them time & again. In
fact, the language he has assertively used in referring them is most
futile to use by a public figure on a constitution like India's but
nowhere have we seen any police official went in and grabbed thi…

Arrest of young girls over Facebook comment & like! Is Shivsena a political outfit or gang of hoodlums!?


IT'S TIME YOU THINK THRICE OR AT LEAST TWICE before hitting 'like' on social networks leave alone the status update or tweet!!

Yes! Fresh case of misusing IT act of 2008 is from the state of Maharashtra where two young girls from Palghar have been arrested over a comment and subsequent 'like' on Facebook over 'Mumbai Shutdown.' Leave alone the free speech or freedom of expression of which 'constitution of India' boasts every now and then! Here's an example where even a comment or 'liking' of it could leave you tugged behind bars in the economical capital of this nation.

Forget free speech. A simple comment on Facebook and what they got was a slap in the face -Read Hindustan Times.

Meanwhile, it's the same India which world refers to as beholder of 'largest democracy.' Then, has the largest democracy lost its cool over not-so-common criticism in setups like this that it takes it no time to arrest two young gi…

Of Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Yash Chopra, love, romance and phenomenon called SRK!!


Smelling some coffee in my new coffee mug; nosh in old plate. All of a sudden usual leaning back on my moody chair made me to think of SRK style from Jab Tak Hai Jaan (JTHJ) and all of a sudden a whole new idea of love, life, romance and film stood before me! Is this what everybody calls a Yash Chopra magic?

There is in fact lots of buzz about JTHJ in town, almost everybody is speaking of it in lot vivid ways of course. Firstly, some are skipping it all just because some callow guys are presenting themselves with meaningless verdicts. After watching it myself, I personally feel pity of them who are giving it a miss out of callow suggestions! Those guys have not seen it completely or they don't know what exactly love all about is. Those are the merry individuals who believe it's love only when you build something like Taj Mahal for your beloved. My hardcore masala (spice) lovers, hold back! You've got it all wholly wrong! Love isn't all about going ext…

Candid Shahrukh Khan!


Shakrukh Khan shares his thoughts on Yash Chopra, his latest Jab Tak Hai Jaan and more to Harshikaa Udasi courtesy: The Hindu He has finished answering questions ranging from which cake he will cut on his birthday to how he has come to terms with Yash Chopra’s demise. It’s almost 10 at night and he has possibly not had much except some water, some smokes definitely and there’s that sandwich waiting for him. Yet there seems to be some sort of infectious energy in the room that’s coming from the direction of the star/actor in question. Shahrukh Khan. There’s just a week to go before the release of Yash Chopra’s swan song Jab Tak Hai Jaan (Diwali/November 13 release). Even as Yash Raj Films is mourning the sudden loss of its founder father and director of this film, the family has taken a decision to present the film with as much fanfare as Yash Chopra would have liked to. “His films have always celebrated happiness and it would be unfair if we didn’t do the same with…