Of Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Yash Chopra, love, romance and phenomenon called SRK!!

Smelling some coffee in my new coffee mug; nosh in old plate. All of a sudden usual leaning back on my moody chair made me to think of SRK style from Jab Tak Hai Jaan (JTHJ) and all of a sudden a whole new idea of love, life, romance and film stood before me! Is this what everybody calls a Yash Chopra magic? 

There is in fact lots of buzz about JTHJ in town, almost everybody is speaking of it in lot vivid ways of course. Firstly, some are skipping it all just because some callow guys are presenting themselves with meaningless verdicts. After watching it myself, I personally feel pity of them who are giving it a miss out of callow suggestions! Those guys have not seen it completely or they don't know what exactly love all about is. Those are the merry individuals who believe it's love only when you build something like Taj Mahal for your beloved. My hardcore masala (spice) lovers, hold back! You've got it all wholly wrong! Love isn't all about going extra mile to prove your thoughts and feelings; it's all about living life to the brim of glass but together. It's about skipping an important meeting just to spend some more time with your beloved. That simple is it. And don't forget, not everybody knows hardcore Karate or Judo moves to fight outnumbered villains (whose numbers always exceed way more than any individuals strength could anytime permit to fight for!) but every one of us knows how to love and romance!! Like Samar Anand does it in JTHJ when he makes a ring out of wires left after bomb diffusing and presents it to his love. Isn't thing like this possible for you and me? After all, it never requires anything to train for! 

I don't want to jabber myself and prove anything but wants to uncover what is real. The love Shahrukh and Katrina make with hands tied by police officials after they caught them romancing in Jacuzzi is quintessential Yash Chopra style. The swansong of maverick Yash ji has had in fact many lessons for current day filmmakers who argue anything and everything which stirs controversy in the name of necessity. Vulgar language, creepy sex scenes -all they say were 'demands of script'. One wonders simply what story have they told us if not at least creepy! This isn't the case with JTHJ. While watching 'kissing scenes' in film I felt one thing -this is how they are placed or arguably argued upon! Actually, those scenes weren't just necessary but spoke loudly of the emotions a character holds while doing so rather than making you disturbed and horny...! The serenade -the lead actor does for his lady love, the promises he keep were all but small-small nuances of life portrayed beautifully by a octogenarian of age but pretty too young of his heart. Why kissing was necessary and at that time and at that place is all quizzical things only a Yash Chopra could well think out of his imaginative self and execute them as such. 

Actually, the film begins after intermission. The first half is in fact more of a introduction to the better half -a saga that is about to unfold next. Anushka Sharma, bubbly charming reporter for Discovery Channel adds life to the character of Akira and makes you go ga ga over her liveliness. Though screenplay of film needs some tightness but instant merry-go-around charm of Anushka makes you forget it all. And nonetheless to say is the army man look of Shahrukh Khan which takes you by storm thereby making you forget anything and everything around. The itchy beard SRK complains always looks so lovable on him. The 'Jiya re' where you again would wonder at the geniuses of Yash ji is a song which makes you feel a lot good about life all of a sudden. Thats the power of this film and you felt like missing it! Certainly you need a bang to rethink, rethink between classy yet meaningless drama and exceptionally liveful movie which speaks volumes about love in real life where you and I live in. 
When Yash Chopra was giving his last interview to the King Khan he said 'Ab aur nahi yaar' (not anymore pal) when SRK asked joyfully, 'when shall we meet back for another film?’ It felt as if all stories in him were over but as you watch JTHJ you feel he had many more stories to tell, many-many more. Just that he felt he couldn't direct anymore or live physically to do so that he infused his life into Jab Tak Hai Jaan. As you see in, you realize, story of Neetu & Rishi Kapoor in JTHJ is in fact an another quintessential tale of love, the story of Akira yet another. In all Jab Tak Hai Jaan is a visual treat but sad enough to say, it's not compiled properly after its primary shoots. But nobody is to be brought at gun point as SRK and Adi (Aditya Chopra) felt not to touch or edit original work of genius of his kind, which might be felt as intrusion in swansong. Music -which happens to be strength of any Yash Chopra movie is disappointing at par with visuals of this film. Oscar winning composer A R Rahman has failed considerably to evoke that magical chord Yash ji was famous for. Though songs are considerably fab when music is concerned, other visuals like conversations, walk-away’s, proposals, disappointments etc. fall badly when music is in question! Nonetheless to say, when SRK makes romance, you forget music and all! All you remember is him and only he dipped in candy floss love-making. That's the magic he ignites on screen and maybe that's why he's called KING OF ROMANCE! 

Honestly speaking, the credits at end are what you actually not pay for, in fact can't pay for! It looks as if the title track was meant only for this; yes, it perfectly fits with the visuals. Hats off to Rahman saab for those beautiful tracks. May be that’s how the music could have been blended with visuals. Title track is in all an ode to a man -a institution in himself -Yash Chopra, who truly lives in us forever! 

Truly enough, not Samar than YOU ARE THE MAN who cannot die and JAB TAK HAI JAAN... 

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