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Finding the true meaning of life on sea beach!!! why problems arise one after the other?

Other day while trudging on the maverick white sands of Tagore Beach in Karwar with one of my old schoolmate, his deep subtle but palpable thoughts and its intelligent interpretation left me dumbstruck and sent me into one obscure dilemma. He had asked in a deep, low but clear voice ‘isn’t our life same as that of this vast ocean! With waves continuously hitting shores time & again without pausing even for a short while…?’ with extreme amazement and surprise I looked at him, as if I meant to ask ‘in what sense!?’ he continued anyway ‘….with its continuous waves resembling exactly the problems or woes in our journey of life, which never gets silenced until our death, problem after problem, a newer, more complex one always props up, each time to think of giving up; ultimately death seems to be the ultimate end, end of sojourn journey. Death’s the real victory over it, because it’s the only thing which has the guts & absolute power to completely silence the ever appearing proble…

Asin signs films with Shahrukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor

South beauty Asin Thottumkal struck gold as she bagged two prime projects opposite Bollywood’s leading men, Shahrukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor Asin’s Bollywood debut was opposite Aamir Khan (Ghajini); she then did two films with Salman Khan (London Dreams and Ready) and the actor has now signed a film opposite Shahrukh Khan as well. Congratulations on that Asin. The actor further says that she has signed another film where she will be paired opposite Rockstar Ranbir Kapoor. At the moment the actor is busy with the schedule ofHousefull 2 and Bol Bachchan. Asin was initially supposed to work with Shahrukh on Two States but since SRK is not doing the film anymore, she will be doing the film with Ranbir. The southern siren claims that she has already read the Chetan Bhagat book and will sport a different look for the film based on book, also titled Two States. Meanwhile, Asin has been receiving compliments for her new avatar inSajid Khan’s Housefull 2. Guess the new look really worked for …



How to Kiss Passionately

It really doesn’t matter if you are player or just getting started, the bottom-line is  you need to be a more-than-good kisser to present yourself as lovable and passionate. 

If you have been struggling to  get the action mastered, consider the following set of tips. Getting Prepared To get started, you need to ensure there are no distractions. Get rid of all the apprehensions in your mind and leave your worries behind for some other day. Be confident of yourself. Better circulation of blood means that your face will feel warmer, more welcoming and supple — something that is often ignored when kissing passionately is discussed - so, think naughty thoughts.

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India-Britain:Is it shame on part of India to buy jet for £13bn from one and courtesy aid of £1bn from other?

Will it be advisable to beg for a dole of bread on one side in the name of survival and yet same time spend hundreds on purchase of fences for in the wake of security!!! Absolutely absurd to hear & digest.... India-Britain relationships are at a high stake in the present frivolous times, and the inflammatory remarks passed over in the respective nations is arousing wild public anger in mindset of common public. There haven't been any issue in recent past which has made such large headlines & dubious discussions thereby creeping into the parliament of Britain; without any surprise over the issue even the MPs of ruling party apart from opposition are questioning the aid being given to India. While on other hand though little but some are questioning about the fiercely dark impact of stopping the flow of aid would have on the lives of poor, who hitherto were surviving on it, but there are enough arrows to hit them back asking India's moral responsibility and disgratitude…

Rajinikanth flaunts six packs abs in 'Kochadaiyaan'

MORE: Rajini not to compete with Shah Rukh Khan

Superstar Rajinikanth will be very soon seen in his daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth’s film ‘Kochadaiyaan’. This is Rajinikanth’s first film after his recovery from kidney ailment. The first look of the film was released and he looked absolutely stunning. At 61, he looks as fit as before. The first look of his new film ‘Kochadaiyaan’ shows his stunning six-pack abs.
Soundarya later tweeted, ":):) .... Thank you all so much for all the tweets!! Work going on full swing :) god is great!!!" it is a 3D movie and along with Rajinikanth, the movie also features R Sarathkumar, Katrina Kaif, Sneha, Aadhi, Shobana, Nassar and Jackie Shroff. Oscar winner AR Rahman composed the music of the movie.
The first poster of ‘Kochadaiyaan’ will see Rajinikanth in a lean, muscular avatar posing like an angry Lord Shiva. Kochadaiyaan is India’s first performance capture photorealistic film. This technology was first used in James Cameron-directed …

Right to Information:A mammoth power in the hands of common man

Undoubtedly the Right to Information has been a Goliath in the tiny hands of disheartened crowd who thought they had nothing for 'hitting-back' at the messy adamant yet crooked crowd- pullers. Though at one side people might question "what’s it that we going to get after asking questions? Wouldn't it just be a waste of time and energy?" absolutely not! You might not be aware of the underlying strength of the awarded fundamental right. From the merry schooling days we well in advance know the right full things which can be achieved though them. Don't forget while asking questions about the works undertaken in your locality, undue fallacy being made in accomplishing public/personnel works, the funds allocated/ expenditure made, how, why, when, where etc. stress upon a written reply on paper rather than a virtual reply! Because paper's as proof you could carry upon. Try getting answers to your questions from the higher appellate authority than the concerned;…

Bollywood's hottest onscreen pairs

Waheeda Rehman was discovered by Guru Dutt and he cast her as a vamp in his production C.I.D. After the success of the film, Dutt and Waheeda acted together in 'Pyaasa', 'Kaagaz Ke Phool', 'Chaudhvin Ka Chand' and 'Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam'. Reports suggest that Dutt's existing marriage and her successful films with other directors caused them to drift apart personally and professionally. Raj Kapoor and Nargis had the most amazing onscreen chemistry, They starred in quite a few movies together till their eventual estrangement, the most popular among them being 'Aag', 'Awara' and 'Shree 420'. Reports suggest even the RK logo is somehow inspired by Nargis. In the film 'Barsaat' there is a famous scene of Raj Kapoor holding Nargis in one hand and a violin in the second. This image of love became the logo and identity of RK Studio.... more Suraiya was romantically linked to Dev Anand. and the two of them costarred in …

How we contribute to the corruption that we talk about???

Corruption!!! Yupp, the much talked phenomenal word has it or may be identified  mostly with the first grade higher officials or people in the ministries and offices. For time being leave it all aside (not corruption but the blame game) and think for sometime, WERE they able to loot the public property without your support? Is it possible for anyone to STEAL things from your home without having any flaws from your side? Will it... Impossible would this be.  Than why have flaws or being crook from our side and support or tempt  others to loot you, just because of a little fulfillment of undue urgency or favour. Aren't there enough rules and regulations to counterbalance them and get your work done by fair means?! Certainly there are! Need of the hour is to know & understand them to act smartly in future. Like we observe in films, isn't it possible to unite and act against the black forces that hound you in day today life of us? Don't get amazed or quirk that 'films …