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To Love And Have Sex Is One Thing, To Marry Whole Another

Our society and brain has a thing where it makes you think you are in love when you are not. It forces you into finding that person, to fall in love, propose because that’s what ‘all’ do at this age. You may be comfortable and enjoy someone’s company but partner? That’s whole different stuff. Love doesn’t need to occur to you just because it occurred to your friend.Here’s one such story. Read to know as they narrate their tale.

It all began in the college. Wait, not college but in school itself. Yes, it’s that old. I don’t remember who started it first. Given the fact that I was kind of recluse and shy back in those days (and still I’m. Don’t I?), we can safely say it was him. He was from a rich family, so was I. He was flamboyant, I was no less. I don’t know about perfect match but we were quite of a character back in the days. Our other classmates used to envy our households — born with a silver spoon if you may. It was certain for both of us to call ourselves made…

The Unexpectedly Kind Bus Conductor I Met In Bangalore

The bus conductors across India have problem of their own, from chewing pan to indecent language to not-so-warm behavior. But this one was not so cut-out for that definition.

Most of my traveling across the stretch of India which I have stayed and moved has been by bus, mostly public and sometimes private. Rarely on train and more scarcely by flight. Most of Indians will relate to this except for those staying in Mumbai for them bus can be replaced with local train! And this is where I have met people from different hues of life, old, young and those not-at-all charming end-of-the-world-loud babies. It’s great experience where you throw yourself to unexpectedness. But there’s one person you have interacted regularly while traveling by bus, ticket collector or bus conductor. Recently, few women have started to apply for the job of conductor and take up the challenging work which otherwise is a man’s world to move from one side of the (most of the times) crowded bus to other side shout…