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New Zealand school teaches Sanskrit and claims it helps children understand English

Nevada (US), Jan 25 (ANI): A school in New Zealand has a 'Sanskrit Language Studies' program and claims that learning Sanskrit accelerates a child's reading ability.
Ficino School in Mt Eden area of Auckland (New Zealand), calls itself a 'values-based academic institution' and offers education for girls and boys from year one to eight. It says about Sanskrit: "It has a wonderful system of sound and grammar, which gives the child an excellent base for the study of any language. Children love its order and beauty." Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed has applauded Ficino School for fostering universal virtues and encouraging Sanskrit studies and adds that Sanskrit has a close relationship with other classical languages like Latin, Greek, French, German, etc. According to Peter Crompton, principal of this school founded in 1997, where curriculum includes "food for the mind, food for the spirit, food for the body", "Sanskrit with its almos…

Child forced to feed on dog milk

A 5 year old boy Chotu drink milk of a dog.

Google’s privacy policy raises hackles

IST TNN [ Javed
Anwer ]
NEW DELHI: Have you
ever used Google to
search for a restaurant
while you were logged
in its network using
your Google id? Or
shared information
about your trip to Goa
with your friends on
Google +? Or watched
belly dance on YouTube?
Or looked for Sunny
Leone pictures on
Google images? If yes,
Google knows about it.
And according to its
new privacy policy it is
going to put this
information to some
The web giant says the
new privacy policy will
allow it to offer better
services, including more
relevant search results.
But web experts have

Kamal Haasan wants Shah Rukh Khan for Menon`s remake

Mumbai: If Kamal Haasan had his way, superstar Shah Rukh Khan will be the only actor to step into his shoes for the Hindi remake of Gautham Menon`s Tamil film ‘Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu’. Shah Rukh is currently in a dilemma as he has to choose between the remakes of two Tamil films – ‘Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu’ and A.R. Murugadoss`s ‘Ramanna’. Both offer the picky King Khan a chance to do something he hasn`t done before - a south Indian remake with parts that he hasn`t tried before. "While Murugadoss`s film casts SRK as a social crusader, Menon`s film casts him as a cop, a role he has played just once in Shashilal Nair`s ‘One 2 Ka 4’ and that too, a plain-clothed cop. SRK has never got a chance to get into khaki uniform. This, ‘Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu’ will let him do," said a source. Haasan, who played the role of the cop on the lookout for a serial killer in the original movie ‘Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu’, has expressed keen interest in Shah Rukh reprising the role in the film`…

SRK and Gauri’s sizzling chemistry silences detractors

New Delhi: Shah Rukh Khan has put to rest rumours suggesting that there was tension brewing between him and his wife, Gauri, due to the actor’s alleged closeness with actress Priyanka Chopra. The Bollywood couple’s amazing chemistry was for everyone to see during an after party of an awards night, which the couple attended in foreign lands. “Shah Rukh invited Gauri for a dance and expectedly she graced the dance floor. The couple indulged in a love-soaked ball-dance on some beautiful numbers and their chemistry was for everyone to see,” a source present at the party said. source:ANI

Dheeraj Kalgutkar's photostream

Dheeraj Kalgutkar's photostream on Flickr. Photographer:Koushik Nayak,Gokarna

Shame India shame to ban Salman Rushdie!!!

In the beginning the revered Jaipur Literary Festival begins on low note but as the organizers revealed that most eminent writer Salman Rushdie is going to visit the fest, India started to show its shine! We know his book Satanic Verses has been banned in India and even are well aware that its contents were objectionable which raised many a eye-brows and he too was restricted from visiting his birth place/country. Leave all behind and think with open mind for some time; has Salman Rushdie written only one book to his kitty, nah but many! Even we shouldn’t forget his marvelous work Midnights Children, which own him Booker prize. Lets for the god sake forget Satanic Verses and invite him to have good debate as a writer of Midnights children. People are fully not understanding what really is occurring in the name of Islam people are bullied and meanwhile government is roasting its electoral dreams in the wake of Rushdie. Congress is evident that if he’s supported than in the comin…

X-ray of rare Shiva statue surprises Amsterdam museum

Nevada (US), Jan 9 (ANI): Prestigious Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam recently conducted an X-ray of its thousand-year-old monumental Shiva-Nataraja statue as a part of research and was surprised to know that it was cast in solid bronze. Hollow sculptures have reportedly been a common practice in Europe since the Greek Antiquity. The museum discovered that even the aureole and the demon under Shiva's feet were also solid. Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed has applauded Rijksmuseum for its interest in Hindu artifacts. This Dancing Shiva statue was X-rayed using high-energy digital radiation, along with the lorry transporting it, in the most powerful X-ray tunnel for containers of the Rotterdam customs authority, normally used to scan sea containers for suspicious contents. It is said to be the first research of its kind on a museological masterpiece. At 153 cm x 114.5 cm, this 300 kilograms Shiva statue is claimed to be the largest known bronze statue from the Chola Dynasty kept …

A lesson from the tiny Butterfly!

An object or organism which seem so small or tiny to us, might make us learn the biggest chapter of our life; which no other mighty object could achieve in teaching us. I'm in no way talking of any unseen or celestial body but just wondering about the lessons a butterfly could teach us in its short span of life for which we strive to live! Yes, indeed it’s the same colourfull, yet witty, hard to achieve, mesmerizing insect which could teach us a lesson or two. There is no one who might have spared from the lust of its scintillating & bewildering colours which it displays on its flight; and to the natures dismay we in our childhood had made a wild run to own the glistening fly but had ended up mostly defeated to the natures wonder. The very butterfly behind which we ran could make us aware of the bewildering and lustfull world we live in. Mostly to the cunningness of man, we ran behind a thing which is though precious, is hard to achieve. From its very birth from the caterpi…

Shahrukh kisses Katrina at the Screen Awards

The King of Romance Shahrukh Khan may have romanced his heroines in many films, but this time he recreates the magic on the stage of Colors Screen Awards. Interestingly, Shahrukh kissed Katrina Kaif at the award function. SRK's performance with Katrina became one of the highlights of the super successful show. Katrina looked stunning in a pink sari while Shahrukh looked handsome in a black blazer. courtesy:GlamSham

Shah Rukh Khan caught with his ex-flames: Madhuri, juhi

He may be doing films with the younger lot and current sensations - Kareena, Katrina, Priyanka and Deepika, but looks like Shah Rukh Khan can't get over his 'ex-flames'. Flanked by the two beauties and top actresses of the 90's - Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla, Shah Rukh Khan was seen chatting endlessly and entertaining both in equal measure at the 57th Filmfare awards nomination party. He was already sitting with Madhuri and her hubby Sriram Nene when Juhi walked in, and SRK immediately got up to greet her with a warm hug, not once, but twice. But not much affection was felt between the two former arch rivals - Madhuri and Juhi. Both, Shah Rukh and Madhuri were cheering Rekha Bharadwaj with claps and blowing kisses while she was belting out one hit number after the other. But perhaps what health-conscious Madhuri was not enjoying was SRK lighting one ciggy after the other and blowing smoke on people around him. She was caught giving side glances and avoiding the…