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Our Cat Is ‘Probably’ Gone But The Guilt I have To Live On…

“Internet to me is all about Cats and Porn.” — Anonymous World Wide Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee took to Reddit recently for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) to celebrate a quarter century of the world wide web (www). In responding to the question, “What was one of the things you never thought the internet would be used for, but has actually become one of the main reasons people use the internet?” he replied, “Kittens”. So there it goes. You believe it or not. Cats are everywhere. There also is an island in Japan popularly called ‘cat island’ where cat population is huge compared to their human counterparts. Cats outnumber humans six to one on the island.
There was one little kitten at my home too. But no more. The other day I saw her at late night folding herself beside a DeepavaliDiya (oil lamps lit during the festival of Diwali/Deepavali) in a typical cat fashion. Here’s what happened.

I tell you this story for I hold a guilt somewhere in a corner of my heart. I believe I’m…

At Barber’s — The Only Place In Entire Cosmos Where Men Can Be Men

If there is one place in the entire universe where men talk men stuff openly without any inhibitions and holding back, it must be The Barbershop. Hands Down. In a vast infinite cosmos it is one place where men bitch about the other sex without worrying about the other sex listening to them. Imagine it as some exclusive-for-men holy shrine. Barbering is a cult without the formal ‘cult’ status from any authority because hey! which cult cares for outside authority? Barber is our leader, the priest. The men, his flock. Barber is no ordinary man. He knows about you without your’ uttering a word. He knows when you had your last haircut. He knows what haircut suits you and what won’t.
At Barber’s, men indulge in men-talk. Even historically, barber’s place have been known to be social gathering venues where men gather for their daily share of gossips and news. It is where they religiously join for their share of stress release. You thought only women banter? Well, men do too. B…

“Surgical Strikes” — The Politics And Rise Of Jingoist Television

Politicians may believe, people may believe but journalists should never take anyone on face value, not even army. Their only ally is truth and truth alone. We seem to have forgotten the basic principles of journalism all along and have comfortably turned ourselves into the extension of government in power. Would you believe if someone tomorrow came to you and claimed he slapped another guy? If this supposed event occurred inside closed doors, probably one will seek proof now that the guy you claim you’ve slapped is denying it. Second, if there is no proof, then you may pass the information as hearsay that he claims he “slapped” the other guy which is perfectly legitimate statement. But nowhere you are supposed to claim the authenticity of the “slap” by yourself if you are a neutral authority whose sole aim is to bring out the truth and call people’s bluff; that is if you are a journalist. If you are a politician, a friend of the party who “slapped” then that’s an altogether differen…