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Watching Butterflies fly — Are they saying something?

Butterflies are great. Aren’t they? Vivid and bright colorful wings, always on the fly from one flower to another, hard to catch; they are those and many more things beautiful and mesmerizing. They are what Barney Stinson would call ‘Awesome’!
I was just walking through my office lawn sipping my not-so-usual morning coffee and noticed two butterflies playing. I don’t know what they were talking to each other — were they talking of love, of daily humdrums, of worries, of life at large, or were they just living it? I tend to believe it was last one for they were carefree, unconscious of their surroundings, they were busy in their own little moment; they were living and loving their ‘we’ time.
Butterflies are fascinating, aren’t they? From childhood we have wondered at their bright colors, their fluttering flights. Remember those times when we tried to catch them but only got those colors on our fingers? I remember running through bushes, unmindful of my surroundings, falling and rising on…

Why Malda is different from Dadri — Reddit India users decode the two!

So yesterday I posted this cartoon from Kureel on Reddit India page. Not that I believe in what cartoon portrays but the cartoon was talking something a part of social media was whining about—Malda is not covered by media in ways how it covered Dadri! On Facebook there were friends who were tagging me in posts (photoshopped images from different parts of nation served as from Malda, photos of leaders who visited Dadri included among other images) and asking, why am I not writing blogs on Malda when I was ‘quick’ to write on Dadri! Guess many have faced this in their own respective circles. I had to remind my friend that I wrote a piece on Dadri only after my Prime Minister spoke on Dadri, that he should hold his horses! Coming to the post on Reddit—contrary to what was running on other social media sites, Reddit had some sensible arguments, in fact most of them were not agreeing with the cartoon, they were talking about how Dadri was different from Malda. And one comment at a time, it…

Natasamrat —  to do or not do is the question! Do yourself a favour, go watch this movie!!

Nana Patekar. A power house of talent when meets Mahesh Manjrekar, the brilliant filmmaker, claps were certain to go high at the end of movie, not just any other claps but the loud ones coming straight from hearts, reserved only for few special occasions! Just came out from one such experience.

I don't know when was the last time I had watched a Marathi movie in cinema hall, oh wait, I have seen none. This was my first. There have been many good stories, technological brilliances but good performances? Of late there was dearth of it all but thanks to Mahesh Manjrekar for filling that gap with this celluloid treat - Nana Patekar obviously but Medha Manjrekar and Vikram Gokhale, it was just oh-so-great combo. I wanted to watch it on first day but then I thought I won't, it's trailer was not bad but not something that provokes you to watch it, it looked like any other story, like those old movies with lots of drama but believe me, this one is lot more than JUST THAT!

Story a…