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Dear Flipkart, Providing Used Handset For New Isn’t Replacement But Thuggery

TL;DR Flipkart says, they understand my problem, that I have received a used phone and how they are sorry about it but won’t exchange the same. So like many on the big day (Thursday 16 March, 2017) I placed my order for Moto G5 Plus. I was told it will arrive after 5 days. Disheartened but I told myself to wait like everyone else.
Fast Forward.
I received my set on Monday 20 March, 2017. I used the set for a while and in the process noticed that there is some fault from the manufacturer. It was making the unusual ‘click’ sound if you press the section beside SIM card holder. Clearly some error from assembling unit. I then started cautiously checking other parts and noticed how power button was loose as well. It was a mess of sort. I then gave the handset into a friend’s hand who is more familiar with electronics. He was quite sure there was some hardware issue and suggested me I raise the replacement request.
Following day, on Tuesday 21 March, 2017 I placed a replaceme…

Another Women’s Day Another Round Of Wishes — But They Mean Nothing Until…

I’m tired. Tired of the wishes I read on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere. Tired of how numb we have become to women’s issues and reduced it to a day where you send all the females you know paltry wishes, that heart-touching quote or that generic women-carry-men-for-nine-months crap and next day as night makes way for morning, we are all done with our drill. Back to normal. The real issues of how they are treated inside the four walls of their homes, how disproportionately they are paid at work, ways in which they are treated at workplace or outside, all things have found their permanent place in women’s day speeches (which I heard one in the afternoon) but come next day, we all cocoon back to being ‘normal’.

Domestic violence is commonplace in India. But how many do speak out? Forget about other homes, how many of us speak at our own homes for violence, abuse and misogyny? This numbness is not just confined to men but women as well. Most of them have taken the misogyny …