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Why settle with mere goal & aim, when you actually could leave behind a legacy out of your vision and ideas!!!

What’s your aim? What is your goal, ambition? The one thing you aspire to be, you crave for? All these and many more are the questions asked about the stop that you endeavor for, after your wild chase; a chase for which you thought you were born to achieve! There are just too many amicable quotes which speak about the requisite of having a aim in life, they see a man without clear cut goal as a ship without destination, a plane without pre-defined stop. But is it really necessary? Amidst all the thoughts from corporate giants to merry day to day achievers, do they all begin their journey of life keeping a clear cut goal (I mean stops!) in mind? I believe not to ponder on this because, apart all their thoughts and quotes, they lived their life not to stop at certain goal points but lived it to fulfill all possible ingredients which made their vision possible. The very successful Microsoft begins with a simple vision, a vision to place personnel computing device in every home. In simple…

KOKRAJHAR burning with ethnic sort riots. With this Assam getting front page coverage ALL FOR UNWANTED REASONS!!

Assam, a small Indian state as if now seems finding every other reason
to keep itself floated in news spheres but sadly all for wrong
reasons! KOKRAJHAR a district from very state is witnessing heinous
ethnic clashes of present times. Clashes between Bodos and minority
immigrants in four Assam districts continued for the seventh day
today, leaving 44 people dead even as chief minister Tarun Gogoi
insisted the situation was "improving" and rapped the media for
portraying the state as "burning".   On the other side if we try to
see all this situation from top, you could feel that this blame game
is going to achieve nothing positive, instead, situation might get
still worse if not looked into its facts and if previous cases of
ethnic riots are not studied intuitively. All the leaders at first
must leave apart their differences and try not to act in the way as
they act in midst of election campaigns! Media on the other hand too
must be carefull on its part as we all know 'how th…

In the quest of setting your future, are you losing your present?? Aim stops your chase but vision provides the continuity!!

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Indian shame story : Guwahati girl molested on midst of busy street by bunch of 20 heinous men!! But investigation still continuous...

Indian shame story yet again protruded its legs more than anyone
would ever expect! In the midst of a busy Guwahati street, an innocent
girl of 17 years was brutally molested by heinous bunch of 20 men!!
And as always onlookers kept their mouths shut and hands tied... The
most sad part of the act infact is the way issue is being handled by
police and Government. Totally four complete days had been over since
the incident but till now only four people have been taken in custody.

Rape cases, molestation incidents or brutal killings isn't any new to
Indian sub continent but new is the involvement of such large crowd on
road molesting an immature girl. Nobody must forget that heinous act
got highlighted only because complete video of the incident was
uploaded on social networking site Only then the
Indian media went frenzy to report the same and all of a sudden
investigation catched speed but still not uncovered all bloody
criminals... All the demons wh…

The mystical Rain!! And the saga of joy it brings in each of us....

Rain Rain and Rain everywhere!! For some it’s a nuisance, for some sheer shower of water and to some it’s an elixir of joy, happiness and tranquility. If it lashes out continuously for hours together, it sure might be referred to as monstrous but when you feel staggeringly uncomfortable due to summer heat and if at this particular time, rain starts to shower its tiny droplets with cool breeze then am cent percent sure that there is no great joy than dripping and bathing in the merry joyous shower from heaven!!   Meanwhile, as the days pass and mother earth starts bathing in drizzily cold waters, mesmerizing green dresses starts decorating it! This joy overtime might prove to be an addictious! What more as rainy season continues.... From unique smell of mud to musky odor of greenery, it brings all with it. There might be hundred reasons not to get wet in rain but still the joy of getting wet in lustrous rain surpasses all. Those worried over attacks of cough n cold must not forget ITS …