optimism is the key for traversing from ordinary folk to extraordinary giant!!!

The most important thing I learnt from this materialistic world is 'Being Optimistic'. How-so-ever and what-so-ever the situation may be, a simple belief in the task you do, could just be the supreme thing at your side. Honestly, BELIEVE IN OPTIMISM. It can do billion things for you, which you thought impossible to happen. If a child doesn't believe in itself, and starts to doubt its legs during the common initial falls, than for sure he is bound to have himself delayed in walking or permanently loosing the fine art of it! A cent percent belief in yourself which says, 'I can outperform everyone & everything' is the prime necessity for humankind. Think for a quite moment, what made you to travel or crawl upto this stage of your life, has somebody gave a push or kick?! Of course not. Its the same old belief that you had in yourself, low or high, would sure have its own implication. Had people in past believed, 'only birds could fly and fishes could swim', than so called technology savvy people like us would never have got the opportunity of flying in air and floating on water with planes and boats at hand! Instead they believed in infinity, they thought, whats called 'out of the box'. Have you been fortunate of witnessing a zig-zag tree in forest (or films atleast!) which opens up at very height, where only few trees could make up to reach? Than you have noticed that, it does so to escape from fellow trees which cropped up in its natural path. Had it thought of its life as a impossible to grow, amidst the massive trees above and beside of it, spreading their shoulders all over, it could have never gained the broad sunlight, of which today, its a sole owner at very height, which it has mastered on its own! From ordinary to extraordinary and from nature to humankind, everyday world is full of such examples, wherein optimistic, never-say-die attitude sort of people have worked wonders and created miracles which, pessimist would never thought happening. There are millions of people on this land where, you and I stand, who think and think a many times that they can move mountains altogether, they luckily realise the mighty strength they hold but unfortunately, they never took strain in attempting or exploring what they thought! 'THINKING IS NECESSARY' for sure but, more than 'how far and wide' you go to suffice your thoughts; its equally well important how long 'do you think?' when a hut/house is on fire, more than your thoughts, discussions, deductions or so called better plans; your presence of mind and actions matters, which can well outperform everything. Keep in mind, This time, this hour will, never come back so, gear up and get ready for actions to outcast; think what is necessary & whats the need of the hour at this precise moment and immediately start working on it. The greatest power in the world is, a simple belief in yourself, if you possess it than, no power of the world could stop you from achieving the one you desire and dream! The power, the energy, the solution that, you are searching is all within you, task is to identify it and realise how big & vast you are. All else is secondary; the first and foremost think to bother, worry & have faith is you and only you, because you are the only one whose words/commands you understand/obey! And don't forget what Anupam Kher has said "THE BEST THING ABOUT YOU IS YOU" never ever forget it!!!

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