For the beautiful, honest yet too innocent girls of my class......!

You are polite, you are smart, you are innocent, you are honest but
you don't think of what you are putting your hands into before giving
it a thought, a thorough thought!

One old man with a black cap in a polite uniform minus half-pant of an
organisation that is famous in India for its good-bad activities comes
in, speaks what's non-sense for any true spirited Indian and goes out
leaving you all 'inspired.' Inspired! What are you inspired for is
something that you yourself must ponder upon before some other callous
guy comes in and 'inspires' you for yet another stupidity! Now let us
try to decode what you actually have attempted in utmost innocence and

Before 'we' move on ( yes! Not 'I' but 'we' ), let me state, I don't
have anything against the beautiful, yeah, truly beautiful opposite
sex that clumsily sits between the four walls. I have no sort of
vengeance nor any vendetta against any JHANSI KII RANI...

Okay. At first place, the engineer cum monk cum activist's last point!
What has the people in the posters 'decorated' on the wall of class
have given you that you had pasted them that high? Well! Do you
'exactly' don't know the answer for it!? Okay if not all than at least
one man of them all, yes, the gem of them - SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR.
Even the pretty boy on street with muck on his face knows Tendulkar
better than anything else! What he gives you! Dumb of the dumb
question! He runs scores of charity providing education and lease of
life to simply too many faces though he never prefers to speak of it
at all! Millions across the globe find burning passion and inspiration
in him. Some call him the merry impossible! People around the planet
name their child with India's name, his name; with him, they know what
actually TRUE INDIA MEANS! There's too much to say of him but not
enough time and space... Yet you ask, what he provides to you!

Next, none of the faces on wall had achieved the spiralling success in
a night's time! They had worked, worked very much hard. Lost lot many
chances of enjoying their life providing more space to accomplish
their enchanted dream. If somebody has become a superstar today, it's
sheer because of their hard work not of mine and yours speculations!

Further Lux and Nirma soaps and using Indian products... Go and have a
look at a mall of price tags of all things. You'll certainly find
which costs more and which less. Now imagine what Mr. Poor who can't
even afford......

Speaking is lot easier but acting is tough, too tough! In my case, in
your case and even that monk cum activist cum engineer's case. Ask him
what he has done to you?? Oh oh i forgot! He has 'inspired' you!!
Inspired to disrespect sport icons, inspired to disrespect national

I do agree in full terms that the posters were harming sensible mood
of classroom, were making it look dizzy & ill-kept with those black
tapes but tearing them wasn't the way to get rid of them. You could
have politely conveyed your concerns towards them or if you find this
step as a setback to your pride & respect, then could have removed
them properly and handed over them to those who stick them there.

Moreover i even believe, classroom isn't the place to stick any bills
or posters that stirrs other's feelings.

His speech and your subsequent arousal speaks volumes about your
impatience plus vulnerability of any X person to arrive and provoke
you for inhuman unhealthy things that our conscience will never permit
to do so.

I hope in addition that my viewpoints will not be taken as personnel
vendetta but as a step to dig in deeper, deeper into your conscience.

To believe in god or not is an utterly personal issue but to believe
in human practises is collective step. If you dig deeper in my blog
you'll find out I've long back have questioned the very existence of
god and have even talked of points that Mr. Engineer used to prove
god's existence! Though I don't want to jump in and indulge in this
old tasteless debate but just wanna say that do please don't believe
in what you hear or just see.

World's full of illusion and manipulations. Apply your thoughts and
ideas to them. See if your conscience permits it or not. If needed,
correlate your thoughts and rationals even with my viewpoints; if you
find anything, yes anything wrong in it, do please bring to my notice,
I will be more than overjoyed & obliged to correct the same.

I am not saint, encyclopedia, google or anyone who you need to believe
in blindly but hope I succeed to remove the dust off your dozen
conscience and let light of human, secular & liberal thoughts dazzle
it with total enlightenment.

Wishing more joy, still more liberal and rational thoughts, i sign off!

Good Bye. Good Night.

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