Even Big B envies SRK's energy and speed

Courtesy: Times Of India
It was on this day (Jun 26) exactly twenty years ago that he entered the cinema industry. However, the path hasn't been a rosy one for the man who's now referred to as the Badhshah of Bollywood.
Nine years ago Shah Rukh Khan had said in an interview "June 26 marks exactly 11 years since I faced the cameras for my first shot for Dil Aashna Hai. I knew it would be a tough field, a very demanding profession." Although the star admitted on Twitter that luck has played a major role in making him a superstar, the actor has never once slowed down or shown a sign of complacence.
The day he has free time, he starts off with connecting to his fans on Twitter. This is one ritual his fans look forward to. Once online, he tweets, "off to shooting now. ok will do 10 questions...nothing better than to start the day by being questioned...yes we all have our quirks!!"
The best part about the actor is that he doesn't shy away from answering any kind of questions and we all know that there's both a witty and angry side to him. What clicks is that when he doesn't want to give a straight answer, he makes a quirky remark that answers the question as well as puts him in a safe spot.
In one of the talk shows on TV, when told your son loves Koi Mil Gaya, the actor was quick to point out, 'Well, he's still a kid now. When he grows up he'l began to appreciate papa's films that are the best."
Even when Amitabh Bachchan was asked on a TV show "One thing about SRK that he wished he had, the legendary actor replied,"The speed with which his brain works..."
On a similar show, Amitabh Bachchan came out with his first impression of SRK saying, "When you came on KBC, I thought you spoke very fast, thought even faster and you had lot of energy..."
Such is the charm of Shah Rukh Khan who has wooed teenagers and adults alike with his portrayal of characters. Be it his trademark shaky voice, his signature style wit or the way in which he deals with the criticisms.
Having come a long way, he does admit to have erred along the way. He tweeted a few days ago, "Made mistakes,still continue to do so.A little madness.A bit of solitude.2 silly to realize its impossible & maybe thats y it gets achieved.'
Despite the super star tag status and the resources to have anything and everything at his beck and call, there's no stopping this lover boy Rahul who's become a household name in Hindustan now. After he finishes with his ten- minute question answer session with fans on Twitter, it's the call of duty for him as he signs off with, "ok all...have to head to work now...have to make ends meet...earn the bread...get the show on the road. love u all...' And the fans are neither disappointed nor complaining at all for they know that their favourite actor is working on giving them another entertaining product soon.

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