Karwar college asking for 'Development Fees', but where's the development?

Karwar's Government First Grade college in degrading state

First and foremost, let me assure you with total guarantee that I'm in
no mood to portray myself as your leader or head nor do I have any of
such wild intentions. I'm very much happy with what I do and how I
dwell on this very planet.

Alright, the main matter that’s been hardly worrying me and you is so
called, 'DEVELOPMENT FEES'. It’s been quoted as 'so called' all because
the money that’s being collected in the name of it, is nowhere being
utilized for development sake at all or perhaps hardly we have seen it
doing so! My friends, you might clearly remember how last blatantly
time the same amount was collected particularly at wrong times of the
year when, practical’s were nearer and OMR sheets were being filled
(Intelligently blackmailed you might call it thus ). Further, with no
choice to think or discuss, haphazardly we all paid. Meanwhile, there
was little resistance from notable girls. The boys, they all were
innocently still and quiet as usual; some boys although joined their
chorus with resistors but simply because time wasn't ripe, we all
slipped. But not every time, this time we have the ball in our court and before
the elephant called exams enters into our bedrooms, we need to
question our respected concerned authority and get the flaws fixed.
Let all your why's & how's sort of questions come out of those 'till
now' silent sound boxes and let the college authority answer them one
by one and mend down our growing concerns & doubts before they take
uncontrollable forms.

There sure might be those gentlemen's and beautiful ladies who believe
in giving 'blind respect' to elders, without knowing or understanding
what really is cooking beneath that respect. I do believe in giving
heart full respect to all those respectable but when a doubt pops up
and concerned authority fails in answering them efficiently then, we
have no other better option rather to smell something awfully
disgusting and disastrous, hard to digest.

Do you know why we actually call a certain block of building a school/college and other an apartment/house/hotel etc., though they both are made up of same bricks and construction materials? Is it all because of a teacher teaching the younger ones, blackboards or principal rooms? Our parents too, teach us a thing or two at home but do we ever tend to call it a college instead of home? Why we call one as tuition centre and the other as school/college when
education is what that's being taught everywhere! The difference that we witness in two halves is all because of the attitude they show off. One is believed to be holy place where education should be taught or preached without expecting any personnel gains or material benefits
except satisfaction of soul, the other one is totally averse, different and paranoiac one. It’s not the amount that matters us but the purpose for which its being asked, don't we have enough rights in democracy to ask the purpose of our payment? Question is not just about 400 or 500 rupees but of our pride and dignity, that is at stake right now. They are carving a big question mark on the money that is being earned by our parents. Isn't the money we are talking about, hard earned? Do they get it out of doing nothing but staring at roof sitting at home... Don't our parents have any value or are they utilized as an ATM machine for filling other's belly? Let the money be 10 Rs. or 1000 Rs., there actually is no harm in producing those currency unless reason for which is clearly stated. If this is how the money is handled by an institution then what difference remains between them and those who come from different states asking money for
anonymity. Very interesting was the argument they made last time, instead of answering our questions, they themselves questioned us, "Don't you guys waste loads of money in recharging your cell phones daily, then why not a little for college?" Oh! How stupid and immature that was!! Dear administrators, we know where all that currency we load is going... but we are unaware of the fact & path that our last year's Development Fees have travelled so far! Remember, how badly we fight with those customer care guys when even a simple rupee goes missing from our balance report without our consent. I have nothing in personnel with anybody nor do I have any sort of vengeance with anyone, my only concern and shame is, we are getting
bullied in the name of development. We are fooled for not questioning
but quietly sitting, we ourselves are selling our conscience. My
friends! wake up and question with peace in mind and heart. Without
resorting to violence acts, let us come together to know where
actually are this 'DEVELOPMENT FEES' getting vanished in middle
without your knowledge.

My words should in no way be taken as an encouragement of opposition
or 'conspiracy against teachers'. No, I have never never been behind
such vandalizing cheap acts nor do I believe in those. I believe in
integrity of every individual and bound to respect it. We all had,
have and will have utmost respect for teachers. How could we defy
them? Remember, no one of us is questioning the dignity of teachers but of the system,
wherein unknowingly the funds are flowing into an unknown, unseen
Kingdome and we are here to discover it. It’s very important at
other side, students should have no doubts regarding the grant of marks
remarkably of practical’s and internals. Have no fear because, teachers
are not crooks or human beings who believe in vengeance but are pure
souls whom we believe & pray as equal to the god themselves. It’s the
round a clock system and the way administration that is functioning
which is creating all this confusion and anonymity. So please please &
please, have no fear or at least doubts in that direction. We aren't
directly or indirectly in fight with them nor do we have any of such
intentions. We are about to fight against the flaws in our system.
Amidst all, we aren't cowards who keep quiet even after smelling
something uneasy, bad and uncomfortable. Are you a coward to keep
quiet? No, you are not. You are brave enough to bring out the emotions and concerns that you feel regarding
your own institution, which worries you the most. After all, we are
students of this institution not any meddlers, we have (I believe)
each and every right to know and understand anything and everything
that matters us.

Even after reading all this lines, there is someone who still thinks,
"Its just 400 (500) rupees, let it be, why waste time and energy over
petty scuffles!?", just one question my friend, "why even waste that
MEAGRE money over the fallacy cached 'Development', which is not
going to take place instead be utilized over a peddler, beggars who
are scattered all of the city, handicapped, poor or someone who is
actually in utter need of it". This act of yours sure would soothe
your heart by satisfaction and even would bring a smile on the face of
downtrodden. What greater joy than this? There sure might be those who
think development is happening, yes! Occurring at some unknown corner
of college. May be we are unaware of it or else we haven't been enough fortunate
of witnessing it. Alright then! It’s all okay, lets believe for a short
while that Development is happening, its taking place behind the
closed doors of which we are totally unaware of. Then, for the god’s
sake, let the work be made public, let all of us know what heights our
'Development fees' have reached so far! Don't we have right even to
know this? Or is our administration planning a surprise for us???
At least for now, we have only seen dripping buildings in rain, the
uncovered, unhygienic urinals/toilets which even are not roofed well!
This primary things matter us the most, leave apart those Internet
connection and all that was showcased at the time of NAAC committee's
visit!! Wait for some more days, let the rain starts showering and we
all be fortunate enough to witness stagnant water at main entrance
gate of college(!) and get ready to dance in that water while trying
to cross it!! Oh wait wait EUREKA must I say, at last I have got the
vividly coloured answer to the question that was being dripping in
THAT STAGNANT WATER...........!!!"
Applause to those responsible........!
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