Has god walked into oblivion after drinking elixir! Is this much ADHARMA not enough for him to take rebirth!?

[Following piece of article was written when flood broke out at Mantralayam and many cattles lost their lives but human life was saved completely! and people started giving this ill credit to god for not harming a single human being!!]

People say god’s there, has anyone ever seen that creature? Perhaps no answer only wise guesses. This year Karnataka witnessed deadly flood situation. Many died, many lost their houses, lives, and their cry crossed the border of sky. Children sobbed to see their mother, but nowhere to see, god was successful in acquiring her.

Still I haven’t got any answer for the thing what happened in Mantralayam. When something good happens he takes the credit (we say it’s because of god, you made your escape). He must know that it takes two to tango, not one. Due to the havocking flood water, which covered all parts of Mantralayam, all was submerged; much people in a howl cry ran for their lives, no one cared about the cattles. Luckily no one died in trap of water, it was believed later that it was because of god that everyone survived, okay lets for a time while believe that god helped them, for their continuous long prayers he melted and showed his divine love for mankind. But what lousy thing did cattles did that they were forcibly made their way into the heavens (now may be no guess also!).

Some callow youth in this era of science still believes in superstitial practices. Gladly some good ones are making their hefty efforts to make us aware of the situation. Some people believe him not because he is there (or not) but they fear that if he is, then we may get devasted. In this sadist world there are much people who die every day, not naturally but in the dirty hands of criminals was it their fate? Or was it the fact (much believed) that their time has finished up? If it was their fates then why our good cops are locking the murderers behind bars? Isn’t that unseen supernatural power which is making us to do so? Then why should they be caught and then released by paroll. Let that power be hanged, not we. It’s not that we are quibbling but many people are loosing their houses due to this power. I don’t blame him but if he is really there he should understand what’s happening here in his name.

Is that power drunk on elixir & slept. Wiseman says he watches everything but is he keeps mum by seeing people harassed or when beaten to death or when a country is looted by crooked politicians. (It is like watching one horror movie for him) Petty cashes of poor ones are looted, but no one cares, he allows them to do so; because in big-big temples only rich ones donate their richest from bit of their (blooded) treasure. Not poor countryman. Exhorted efforts are removing black magicians from ruining the lives of common man have gone in vein. God is not there in heaven, he is within you, realise yourself, think you can do wonders and watch the problems get solved by them. God said when dharma will be shackened or will be in danger he will land on the earth as saviour. But when? Does he still think that now dharma has some more think to lose? Still many crowds are swayed by the words of misguiders. When soft faces died in Kumbhakonam, five years back in Tsunami was he slept covering all his riches. Please my devine Wiseman understand the problem and you; not god. Think he is with you and will be with you. If your conscience is still with you not mastered by someone then surely coming days will be wreathed is flourishing wonders not in havocking blunders.
May god know (if he is there) what we can do!

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