Cartoonist Aseem Trivedi's arrest sparks again the question: Is Indian Democracy dwindling!!?

With recent attacks on troubleshooters who fight for an ombudsman law against corruption and instances of many fowl conspiracies being stitched around people who raise their ante against lawlessness clearly points towards the sad decline of fundamental democracy in India. Much quoted 'largest democracy' is all set to dwindle and travel on the path which leads to nowhere but into historical tragic end. The very recent attack on cartoonist Aseem Trivedi sparks the old debate again. If cartoonists are not allowed to draw out of their thoughts and understanding, then let them be put in parliament for just a change. And to make us understand cartoons better, let this people behind his arrest draw the cartoons! What will they draw after all? A polished drawing of parliamentarian wearing garland around his neck? With punch line ‘THE MYRIAD VISITOR OF POOR FOR ONCE IN FULL MOON’? Alas, for all this jokes there is one exclusive column called 'obituary' in News Papers all meant for this job itself! From legendary R.K. Narayan to present day artists, their each cartoon has been a mirror image of woes from day today life of common man. People in power find it difficult to understand all because they don't know what common man's common life means at all! It’s not just politicians alone that they take pot shots at but even the well known celebrities have been on toes when these pupils with vivid strokes of their brush have painted them! From brawls in Bollywood to protests on streets, these cartoonists have captured it all. People from all walks of life have in one or the other way have faced ire of them but never had there been a case where a cartoonist had got arrested all for his cartoon. People know it well in their hindsight that they live in a democratic setup and freedom of expression is fundamental part of any healthy democracy. They actually are brave artists who try to depict real pictures of day today dilemmas in ironically humorous ways! Let us not punish them for their quests but retrospect ourselves and find the real reasons behind their work. What actually prompted them travel an extra mile on such a hollow path and draw those caricatures? There certainly ought to be a reason. As they say 'there's no smoke without fire', there shall never be any cartoon without pivotal reason behind it!

If only Government of India,  want really to safeguard its wards and preserve national integrity then try not to cover the effects of insurgency but please look deeper inwards towards its incumbent reasons, the root causes of rebellions or so titled 'tides against national integrity'. If not, then do once have your eyes on twitter, the tweet world is full of tweets embarking the men behind Aseem Trivedi's arrest as the biggest cartoons of all time. If only are you interested in the growth of this nation then come out of your smugness and look out once again.

Cartoons from Aseem Trivedi:

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