India all set to celebrate its 66th Independence Day; Its people? Well! They are planning for holiday!!

Largest democracy in the whole of this world, yes, you heart it right!
Largest democracy! A proud secular nation is all getting ready to
celebrate its 66th Independence Day. At many a places tricolors are
already decorating shops and busy Indian markets. Goverment offices
are all busy painting their old shabby buildings, Ministers and yet to
be chief guests are preparing their intolerable speeches, small
children at home are already busy reciting National Anthem, Jana Gana
Mana. Participants at national parade are practising hard their
parade. But what about common people of this over populated nation?
Are they doing anything worth mentioning? Yes! To the dismay of every
other patriot residing in this country, there are equal or more people
who have kept themselves busy in planning programmes for this day -

Ours is a very unique nation. Look at the history and everybody
undoubtedly would find one or the other thing that keeps India out
from the bunch of other countries. To list, there are many but to
start with, lets take the way we achieved independence. Its not the
India alone which was under British rule before 1947 but there were
scores of other countries too. Some got their independence even much
before India got its own. They all got their after years of fight with
British empire. Blood flooded like water in battles, many a soldiers
lost their lives, families were devastated there too. But at the end
of the story, to bask in glory of it all, India got its 'independence'
by peaceful means, with sticking to its principles of non-violence.
And may be thats why heroic patriots like Bhagat Singh lost their
gleam and shine from Indian freedom stories. Indians the world says
are emotional fools but don't forget the last fight we fought with
Britishers was all out of deep emotion we had attached ourselves with
our motherland. Those were the good old times with people's heart and
soul filled with love towards their nation. Those were the times when
sacrifices were all common for the cause of nation. It never made any
'BREAKING NEWS' with hundreds and thousands flocking to streets.
Forget those times! That feeling, love and euphoria is all lost as if
now. Welcome this new times where Indian independence day comes with a
tagline as NATIONAL HOLIDAY, its time for every citizen to rejoice,
new big budget films are specially released on this date especially to
attract masses and keep box office window ringing. Its good that busy
family men are finding some time to spend with their loving family but
then why only this day? Can't this day simply be celebrated only as
Indian Independence Day? How meaningfully it could well be celebrated
is all for you to decide and act thus. Everybody has their own way of
celebrating any ritual and function. Try finding some way even for
this day too.

This magnanimous thought just passed my mind while I was in
conversetion with a friend of mine. He was just elaborating me how
well he has planned for a family outing on this day. I was initially
happy as he spends very meager time with his family but then I asked
him about Independence day parade of his institution. He simply
floated my question by saying, 'only one day to spend with family bro,
on all other days one or the other of us find ourselves busy in
respective work thus finding no time to spend altogether!'.
Outstanding and touchy explanation but is it all worth? I'm no one to
decide, speak or alter your plans and decisions but being a citizen of
this proud nation, is it not your responsibility to participate one
day in its glorious celebration of past? Is our Independence has no
worth in your eyes? Alright if somebody their is feeling proud of his
or her one status update on facebook or twitter congratulating its
people on 66th Independence Day! Pretty incredible sacrifice. Trying
to imagine what if social networking existed long before. Will our
father of nation Mahatma Gandhiji afforded keeping online on twitter!
The way twitter updates create furor in present times, was it possible
then? Huh, its hard imagining. Anyhow I'm too helpless to do anything
more than this...


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