Natasamrat —  to do or not do is the question! Do yourself a favour, go watch this movie!!

Nana Patekar. A power house of talent when meets Mahesh Manjrekar, the brilliant filmmaker, claps were certain to go high at the end of movie, not just any other claps but the loud ones coming straight from hearts, reserved only for few special occasions! Just came out from one such experience.

I don't know when was the last time I had watched a Marathi movie in cinema hall, oh wait, I have seen none. This was my first. There have been many good stories, technological brilliances but good performances? Of late there was dearth of it all but thanks to Mahesh Manjrekar for filling that gap with this celluloid treat - Nana Patekar obviously but Medha Manjrekar and Vikram Gokhale, it was just oh-so-great combo. I wanted to watch it on first day but then I thought I won't, it's trailer was not bad but not something that provokes you to watch it, it looked like any other story, like those old movies with lots of drama but believe me, this one is lot more than JUST THAT!

Story about a Dramatist from another era who takes voluntary retirement from theatre at certain age, who in his wife's words doesn't leave theatre but brings it home. Everybody has played their part well, no doubt about it but Nana Patekar around whom this movie revolves is the master craftsman, played it stupendously well!

To do or not to do, is the question, says Patekar in the movie. To live or not to live, that’s a big question and the one we strive to answer everyday. It is a question that life throws at us on most occasions but to few others, its a battle they fight everyday. Many succumb to its challenges and call it a day but few give it a fight, the ones we hear laurels about. This is one such battle!
Won't say more. Go watch it if good movies are your way of spending great time. Watch it for some great performances, good dialogues, screenplay and wonderful visualization of old world charm of families and that bond a grandpa shares with his grandchild. That was my moment of joy, that was when I first dropped my first tear watching it. The parts are so well played that you go into another time, a time when those things occurred to you.. Okay! Let's not go there, I don't know if it will happen to you but even otherwise it demands a watch. So if you are anywhere nearby to a cinema hall where Natasamrat is playing, go watch it. Rest, you know how to watch a cinema which isn't playing near you, right?

Write to me how you liked it if you have watched it already or after watching it! Share this story if you liked it. Help it reach others!!

P. S. Mahesh Manjrekar, thanks for making good cinema. I still cherish that part of Shivaji Maharaj you played in Me Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy. It still brings goosebumps… Thanks for Natasamrat! Nana, tumhi kharech Natasamrat aahech (Nana, you really are a Natasamrat).

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