Bajirao Mastani - A brilliant movie short of perfect has a lesson which our world needs so badly today!

Bajirao Mastani, is a treat offered on celluloid for movie buffs, a brilliance at best but also a lost opportunity in portraying the greatness of the best known Peshwa! A canvas where love story has taken centre-stage while in life it was battles, 40 straight wins is no joke my friend! But then you can't really blame Bhansali because going by the title it was meant to put the story of two protagonists above all and he achieved it with brilliance, a little less I would say!

I'm no reviewer and won't go into nuances of the art of doing what I'm not but I believe you need to give it a watch. For the brilliant sets, colorful canvas, larger than life imagery, things for which Bhansali is best known in the industry! And stellar piece of acting from Ranveer Singh and others. In fact Ranveer is the life of this credulous display of a time from history known for its larger than life living and blood soaked battlegrouds. I can't believe I had doubts initially when cast of the film was announced over his portraying the Maratha ruler but today, I wonder who else but him could have brought the Bajirao to life. But don't you think they made waste of a huge talent that is Mahesh Manjrekar? I do. Milind Soman, how can you miss his character! He was a smart choice who does complete justice to his role. Priyanka, Deepika.. Blah blah.. I was not supposed to review, guess I forgot!

Okay. The reason I want you to watch this movie is for it has big takeaways wrapped in historical storytelling, the one our country is in need of. Plus I smelt it while watching how this movie can give you what you wish for, a moral how you perceive the whole story by yourself. In case you haven't watched it yet, I won't spoil it for you by revealing the end but you know how love stories end right? Well, this had a new dimension, religion. The religion we so vehemently fight over in present times. Today, we derive conclusions from history in ways even the dead Kings would be ashamed of! We have this false ideology where Hindu King beats a Muslim king whereas then they fought for land, for the pride of their land. Read again, their land not our land. This land of ours came into existence long after the Kings and Queens. To be precise, what we call India (Pakistan, Bangladesh and parts of Afghanistan included) was brought into existence by describing a boundary by Britishers, yes, the ones we fought and forced out! I don't know if many of you know this but Marathas waged war against the Bengal of then and were looting the neighbourhood while a Muslim King was fighting the Marathas for an empire of his which was largely populated by Hindus! No, my intention isn't to tell you how Marathas looted the Hindus for they didn't. They looted the people from other province, a land which was not theirs.

I don't know which section of a divided society you belong to, if you do belong to one! Depending on that you'll derive the lesson from movie. But just ask a simple question after viewing the movie, wouldn't the Maratha empire have had different history and demographics had we not been so terse but more liberal and accomadating then? Remember, Bajirao was a great king who was let down by his own. Now why and who was responsible for it, is your lookout, like I said earlier, you will take out the lessons how you perceive it all!

Do remember that love just happens. You can't plan and love someone, it just happens with someone, anyone, you never know who until it has occurred! If you believe that someone should have not loved someone and all, then sorry my friend, you don't really know what love is!

I really wish someone makes a movie on Bajirao again with equal space for the man and his battles, and his love life. May be with a name like 'Rau', the name with which Bajirao was better known then!

Thanks for reading this far. If you liked it then do share with your network. If you have already watched the movie, write in comments if you liked it and what lesson did you take home! If you haven't, go watch it. What are you waiting for!?

P. S. There is this song ‘Pinga’ which reminds you of ‘Dhola Re’ from another Bhansali cult classic, Devdas. With no disrespect to Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, you were great but sorry you both were no match to Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai. Their duet then gave goosebumps, it still does, it still goes straight to heart!

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