Why do you lose your ability to think rationally when you are horny and get it back upon ejaculation?

Ever wondered why all of a sudden after sex or ejaculation you gain your Sherlock instinct back? Or why you lose your instincts or power to think rationally while you are horny or busy thinking about the person of your dreams or anticipating a good drive of lovemaking with that dream person? Don’t worry. You are not alone who loses his instincts at that high time. Most of us do it too. Like any other stuff, there is a whole lot of science behind this losing of Sherlock instincts. Here what it is...

First things first. The way you feel when you are anticipating the intimacy or the way you feel when you are horny is controlled by your limbic system. It orders the body to redirect as much blood as it safely can do to the genitals. People who were attentive during 8th grade science lessons will remember how genitals don’t have bones like most of the other parts of the body has. So it is this blood which is pumped at this moment that helps it harden. In the meantime, the higher thought processes areas of our brain, such as the prefrontal cortex, have minimal supply of blood and oxygen going to it. The rest of your mind is pretty much in stasis, a state of inactivity. There is lot to learn here for humans from our body, how to cooperate each other at their peak hours, during performance times! Coming to our primary question, this is the time when areas of our brain which are responsible for complex thought processing and our rational thinking are at their least best time, they are in a way compromised to help the task at hand! Our body better understands how we don’t require that power during sexual activity and transfers the resources, in this case blood to parts of body which require it the most. So at this particular moment of time you are able to think normal things like to unzip the flyer but not complex math!

When you are done, that is to say when you orgasm, the limbic system releases its control, and blood immediately goes back to the rest of the body. You regain your higher level thought-processes and all is back to normal.

On a lighter note, each time you are done, remember from where the blood to your brain came from!

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