On Shamitabh, the Bachchan's baritone, Dhanush and gorgeous Akshara Haasan...

From a-film-per-week to no-film-for-months in theaters or big screens, my story of watching movies has come a long way after starting with work a year ago in an IT behemoth. I don’t know the reasons nor do I care for them all thanks to the crap we’re served day in and day out! When was the last time you watched a good movie on big screen? When was the last time a story of movie or performances of actors have floored you to be amazed at their ease? I just watched Shamitabh with all that big and awesome start-cast, and believe me I’m stunned! Not that I didn’t watched any movie in between but I did albeit rarely on big screen (The last was Happy New Year!) and much of them on my mean machine (read laptop). Must say, there’s something about this movie that has brought me in here to share with you all.

I believe you already know which movie am I talking about and its cast. It has got big guns like Amitabh Bachchan and southern superstar Dhanush with debutant Akshara Haasan with a bang! I completely doubt if it’s really her first movie. Even the stars who’ve faced the camera feel uneasiness to act before the superstars but this girl simply amazes you with her energy. I must confess I was floored with the look in her eyes. And yes, black looks beautiful on her! Kamal Haasan is spoiling us in a way with his powerhouse daughters – first with Shruti and now with Akshara. Latter's eyes will make you fall for her. The idea of standing between two established actors (Amit ji and Dhanush!) itself will send shivers down the spine for many but she manages herself before camera with so much of grace that you forget about everyone else! At times I even forgot Amit ji was on screen but only till the now famous baritone got better of me all over again.

Reviewers and critics may tell you the movie is about ego clashes and all that but for a Amitabh Bachchan fan (most of us here are), it’s all about that voice and nothing more. Yes, the idea, script, storyline, cinematography, Dhanush, Akshara and rest all of the film is good but that baritone is special – it’s heart of the movie. We’ve always loved that tone but Shamitabh takes it to a different level. The way Bachchan delivers his dialogue, those scenes where he speaks with himself are not just memorable but nostalgic. Who isn’t amazed with his acting? Both of them plus Akshara hit the bull’s eye in acting department. I wonder at times if Bachchan will age any day – for with each of his film he discovers something new in himself to entertain us. There’s little scope for repetitions when it comes to Amit ji’s movies. We love him and like any of his typical fan, expect something extra from him, and he never disappoints. Dhanush, I’ll spare for you to watch and comment! He requires special mention for all the special scenes which I won’t mention for the sake of not spoiling your movie experience. 

Story which revolves around Amit ji’s baritone and ego clashes between the two tells us about how important small things are. The credits at the end with actors’ valets names are evident the movie is more about their importance in our life. People who silently work behind the screen for our success, people who conspire silently so that we succeed to achieve our goals and how unknowingly we forget their share of credit, their share in our success will all be wide open for us to ponder after we came out of theaters. Climax is one hell of a shocker! I almost was sure what was coming now but then thud, came the shocker! Now that the Shamitabh is over, am waiting for Wazir and Piku with little more expectations than what I had for Shamitabh and excitement which is unparalleled. Won’t say more – go watch it for the love of movies, the baritone, Amit ji , superbly talented Dhanush and of course the gorgeous Akshara Haasan!

Thank You Kamal Sir!

Last but not least while going from the movie around 12 O'clock midnight I saw something very unusual but healthy. We were on fourth floor with too many of people lined up to get through the lift outside and reach home as soon as possible. While I was vying for lift, my friend said, 'let's hit the stairs!' There was a lady in her 70s (a guess but sure she might be 65+) who was at the start of staircase. I thought li'l bad and agitated for people not letting her in lift but the moment she started walking down the stairs, I was like am-I-seeing-what-I'm-seeing!?? The speed with which she hit the stairs and reached downstairs, believe me not just me but many of us there were at shame for relying on lifts most of the times and underestimating ourselves! May your race increase strong woman... 

P.S. Piddley song is again a reminder of how beautiful and special that baritone is, and why it should be named 'the voice of nation!'

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