Questioning the existence of super Natural God... Do he exist or are we living in never ending illusion?

Some say he exist, some say don't, rest doubt! To those who believe in his presence, let me ask why & where; and people who say no might just be jealous of those who have experienced the elixir of divine spirit and the most ravishing are those who doubt in his existence. People just are not able to completely neither believe in his presence nor do are they able to muster up enough courage to discard an entity-so-old called God! Then, what is to be believed and what is it that should be dumped in trash, forever?

In fact, this whole debate or confusion lies solely on the fact that no one of us has, till now or ever,  seen that divine supreme power. We believe in him because that’s what we are told and preached from the very old childhood days! On the other hand we tend to question about his existence as the logical yet resilient mind which matures with time resist in believing or thinking what we haven't experienced or saw. Even then there are a good bunch of people who doesn't care at all! This argument might seem little fulfilling 'why should we waste our time in discussing something, which we haven't seen or experienced?’ Doesn't it..., but in reality, deep somewhere, at some point of time, even those careless would find difficulty and great confusion to confront themselves of the incidences (coincidences!) they are evident of.

There are several logical yet hard to believe arguments in favor and against of both the trivia’s, but nothing exactly fits closely into the bewildering gap that’s crippling in minds of us. The famous one among them is of comparing God with air by asking a still, deeper question 'we don't see air but doesn't it exist?' sure it does; but that simply doesn't solve the wide puzzle and makes easier for God to exist! As we at least, are able to feel the air at beaches, basements, terrace, evenings... Which is too far from the evidences in favor of almighty’s existence? On same note, we can't simply ignore its presence too. Lots of people still haven't been fortunate of witnessing numerous breathtaking wonders of world, that never meant it’s a fallacy, than why alone God be ignored simply because some people haven't been fortunate of witnessing him!

There's one famous story of Swami Vivekananda and his master Ramakrishna Paramhamsa; where in a wild search of same obnoxious question, Vivekananda at last in desperation approaches Ramakrishna, repeating adamantly the same old question, he had earlier asked a many great scholars, priests, well-known people of that time who boasted about God and its many forms. 'Have you seen God?' was the question, to which Ramakrishna Paramhamsa was the lone saint who replied positively rather than the earlier flying yet unbelievable replies which never confronted Vivekananda. Rest is history on which cultural India has grew up; from turning into the great monastic giant that this country has produced to the maverick speaker at world religious forum at Geneva, all was the result of the foundation that was built after one person he happened to meet who assertively declared he had seen God.

Between all this, the confusion though seem vanished at certain instances, doesn't gets wiped out completely but it grows in many folds or simply remains like a still water, clean yet unknown of its possessions! Then where exactly should we take our thoughts, how should almighty be realized in present scenario or simply should we sign off from believing what we haven't seen at all and repent at last if our assumption proves wrong, god-only-knows!

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