Can faith really move mountains? Think again before it's a no!

There is this saying, we have been taught in primaries, 'Faith can move mountains'. I don't know exactly if it really could do so by moving one such mountain magically, but literally 'yes', it can. For I have read this story of a man from Bihar, India who had cut a rocky mountain from middle, all by himself to carve out a path that could lower distance of market from his village, thereby saving millions of hours from people's lives getting wasted just to travel! It had taken considerable span of his own life to hammer out such a path but that never succeeded to lower his morale; he was rock steady and determined to achieve what he had dreamt the other day. Faith in his dream kept him moving despite being turned into an object of stupidity till his dream materialized into the realm of this world.

Science says it's the energy that drives a man to his destiny; it's the energy that runs this universe. It might actually. But what use is the energy for a bird who never dares enough to believe in her wings for a fly? For me, it's the faith in one's being, one's dreams, someone's deeds, basically a gradient of faith that draws this universe to its harmonic conclusion. It is that string on which we all trudge throughout our life in search of our dreams. Faith alone is that ingredient that decides, makes or breaks our destinies.

Fan can hardly be explained in a sentence or two. It has meanings that only a skilled traveler could decipher who had travelled on to such terrain of which he had never even heard before. And he isn't the lone traveler who travels to new places a book on geography has to offer or the one who scale mountains or dive deep into sea but everyone among ourselves is a traveler in his own way, everybody owns that traveler's instinct. We constantly are travelling from day one, some move forward, some rear and few forget where they were supposed to; it's all in one's veins, it's all in one's will, it's all in one's faith & belief - how and who you believe is all that frames you. One may call it destiny; I tend to look it as a ocean of tiny droplets, each one symbolic of faith keep on believing each new day. Many amongst us are disillusioned on believing few things. We believe, we believe in few things when in true sense we never really believed in it, not at any time in history, never. 

There are people who get shivers walking in dark. Most of them are the ones who chant sacred hymns most part of a day. Their life is ruled by fear alone and not faith. They believe in anything one advice in the name of god; in other words, they give shit to their own thoughts but believe like damn in others'. If you think, you are one amongst them, think again., pause a minute and try to gather your thoughts at such times and decide if you really believe in what you believe you suppose yourself to believe at. I know lines are pretty confusing but hold on, pause a bit and read again. Believe me, they will make sense. Moreover if god exists, he will help his pupil cross that scary tunnel. Have faith. Why succumb to fear when you have someone who could embrace you and help cross that tunnel dipped in dark matter! For someone who believes in what he has never seen, to believe that walks with him, always, will never be any great effort! On the other hand if you believe god doesn't exists, be sure of this, devil too can't exist then. For this universe is made in duality. For good there exists bad, for god a evil and to every positive that breaths out somewhere, somewhere exists its negative counterpart. They all exist in their own state of merry harmony. 

Have faith in whatever you believe, good, bad or worse it may appear to other one. Don't lose hope on things you had set out to achieve yourself for. Counter odds that stand between you and your dream, don't just ignore them. Ignoring the problem at hand, doesn't wipes it for eternity but just keeps your brain ignorant and help you sleep good but rest assured, it props up when you least expect it to appear anywhere round the scene. Blind faith works at few times but not necessarily always. So be rational whenever possible. Find reasons why things behave in a particular way. Believing in almighty is one thing but to try cross a dense forest housing carnivorous beasts is another. Later one is blind-knowing-invite-to-danger or suicide perhaps. And believe me, not everyone is lucky enough to survive on a life-boat accompanying Bengal tiger like pi from Life of Pi!

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