Karnataka BJP on election spree, inaugurates what's not inaugurable!

The painter busy in painting the college building hours before state Education Minister Kageri's arrival at Karwar. Others busy at various tasks.

Government works are at God's mercy is a statement on prehistoric stones. And as Karwar's Government degree college is getting ready for State Education Minister Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri’s welcome for inauguration function of a new building which has already started its functioning a year before
without even its completion is a dubious question mark on part of College officials as well as State BJP government which is on election spree as elections are due in next months.

The above picture taken afresh in the morning at exactly 9:50 AM of inauguration day of 18 January, 2013 hours before the planned function is one vital proof of hectic chaos organizers are going through in the very morning of due date when all works were meant to be completed.

As stage is getting prepared inside, the drill sound too is piercing onto ears of people standing outside in wait of state govt. officials. Decorators are decorating, stage is being erected inside, gates are opened( which were closed till date), mud is put to hide the rubbish garbage accumulated in front; all in a minute! If Guinness book guys had taken note of our organizers, they sure would have had their eyebrows rose and thoughts stunned looking at the pace of Indian’s welcoming state guests! A record cent percent recorded!

What surprises most is the timing. First, the college officials undue decorum to get all things done in last minute although classes in the new buildings are carried out from more than a year before! Moreover it doesn’t appear to be a faux pass from college side but election mongering from government side. After all, elections are due in near times and govt officials including CM Jagadish Shettar are leaving no stones unturned to appease people of the state with development works BJP government has taken off. Finished or unfinished is farfetched thought for them; all that matters is, to show ‘we are cutting ribbons!’

The recent inauguration of Karwar’s brand new incomplete Bus Stand which even has not got its Lavatory done yet is another proof of officials hurry in canvassing voters for the upcoming elections.

With all such foolish and selfish things on card of every government official, all basic questions and hopes with which we vote them remains almost critical and unaddressed as always!

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