Jesus Christ begins to weep...! And Sanal Edamaruku who reveals reasons behind his 'tears' gets to live in exile under draconian sections of IPC!!

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There was time during colonial era when people around the globe used to refer India as 'Land of snack-charmers'. From then till now, the democratic India has grown considerably and has got a new title - The Land of Miracles! Yes, miracles; the one thing which no science of world will ever succumb in anyway to reveal or will anybody dare to sit at leisure and talk or make fun of.

The whole of India is a miracle place with every corner of it occupied by some weird miracle baba or still more simplistic yet weird to believe miracle occupant. But few days back what happened in the busy catholic church of Mumbai took everyone's heart by sudden storm and attracted an unusual array of crowds into its premises to watch what is quintessentially impossible to happen not just in India but anywhere on the globe. The god who resides in million hearts, Jesus Christ was weeping! Yes, Christ -the redeemer was crying; crying scary tears. As 'tears' trickled down the statue of Jesus at the church of Our Lady of Velan Kanni, locals waited not even for a second in proclaiming it as miracle. Some even began to collect the 'holy' water and consume it as they believed it to relieve them of all their ailments. Thereby the news of sobbing cross spread like a wildfire in Mumbai and nearby places making unstoppable crowds swell in church to get a glimpse of their sobbing messiah. Grasping the situation, Catholic Church at Mumbai started promoting itself as a site of pilgrimage. After which there was no looking back; peoples have been flocking into church like anything. The same piece of news of 'miracle' has reached on to this popular rationalist of India, Sanal Edamaruku, who is pretty well known throughout the nation for debunking religious myths. Edamaruku who visited the church where this statue was weeping, took a silent vigil of the place and found something which everybody had missed before procuring the weeping saga as 'miracle'. He sturdily established that it isn't holy water but holey plumbing that has made the occurrence of such a miracle possible! The 'miracle' wasn't the culprit who made the stern statue of Jesus Christ cry but clogged drainage pipes behind the wall where it stood were the real reasons behind weeping sculpture. The backlash of his statements were severe. Edamaruku's revelations provoked death threats from religious zealots and ultimately under the charges of blasphemy under Indian Penal Code a case was filed in Mumbai High Court. What more can a man who brought truth out of miracle can expect? We say and even our national symbols reads 'Satyamev Jayate'(truth prevails)! But where was the way for truth to prevail and flourish. And under which sections of IPC are the truth dwellers protected from this wicked self-declared-protectors-of-religion? Till draconian sections of IPC exists under which anybody can be cooked in the name of blasphemy, no one is safe to reveal what they believe is truth of the time...

Not much time has passed when Pakistan under its blasphemy laws has brutally sentenced individuals who allegedly spoke against the Islamic beliefs and India has raised sharp reactions on the same quoting freedom of speech & expression with rationalism in growing times. What we are doing now? The so called liberalized democracy is following the same shallow footsteps. What are we all up to? To be a nation stuffed with myths and superstitions that have no value in present era or ones which hesitate and fear to be slumbered out the the luster of truth?

"India cannot criticize Pakistan for arresting young girls for blaspheming against Islam while it arrests and locks up its own citizens for breaking our country's blasphemy laws," Edamaruku said. "It is an absurd law but also extremely dangerous because it gives fanatics, whether they are Hindus, Catholics or Muslims, a license to be offended. It also allows people who are in dispute with you to make up false accusations of blasphemy."

It is utterly sad how we expect a miracle in our favor by brutally killing a living being (goat, cow, chicken etc.) in the name of sacrifice. I have even witnessed a fellow on hospital bed packing all things up to knock on the doors of hell asking his family members to sacrifice a cock in so & so fair of such & such temple to please the deity residing there expecting his 'bird of life' to return back! Wow, what an absurd illogical deal is this. These are the people who must necessarily be booked under unknown malign sections of IPC in the charges of attempt to murder or planning to kill in innocent creature of almighty. I believe my god will never succumb to such deals and wishes to allot life because for him all are nothing but his own children whom he loves and nourishes with equal delight and measure. A life murdered will never earn a lease of life for another. It's mere an illusion of wicked mind out of his own fear of losing one's falsified pride and tremor.

Sanal Edamaruku who is at present living a life of exile in Finland has been deliberately calling on European Governments to press Delhi into dropping the case and even said after his exposure that his revelations are also contributions to the public health in Mumbai as people who were visiting the church of Our Lady of Velan Kanni were taking with them the 'holy' water and were consuming it in the belief that will cure them of ailments. But in reality the 'holy' water is not holy of any kind but is purely a kind of sewage water that can disastrously affect human body in all the possible ways. Edamaruku in his first leg of tour around EU capitals has warned that India was sacrificing freedom of expression for outdated colonial-era rules about blasphemy. "There is a huge contradiction in the content of the Indian constitution which guarantees freedom of speech and the blasphemy law from 1860 under then colonial rule," Edamaruku told The Guardian in an interview in Dublin.

Not just in India or Pakistan are blasphemy laws curbing people's liberalized thoughts questioning religious beliefs which fail to test with present times but across the globe they are prevailing and callous people are misusing them for their advantages. Mick Nugent, from Atheist Ireland, the organisation hosting the Indian's visit to the republic and Northern Ireland next week, said Edamaruku's plight also underlined the need for Dublin's Fine Gael-Labour government to repeal Ireland's blasphemy law.

"Blasphemy laws are very strange because they can be both very silly and also very sinister. They are very silly because you are talking about crying statues and moving statues or Virgin Marys appearing in tree stumps in Co Limerick. But on the other hand these type of laws are used in Islamic countries to jail people or sentence them to death. Or in Sanal's case facing a jail sentence for his work exposing bogus miracles. "The Irish government should pay attention to Sanal's case and realize they must get rid of this absurd and dangerous law. Because we shouldn't be so smug in Ireland. After all, we have had the hysteria about moving statues and a man bringing people to a shrine in Co Mayo so they can look at the sun and see the Virgin Mary."

It is quite high time to awake and re-read our laws and amend or discard the outdated ones whichever necessary and make this place a better place to live on. Or else people will suffer like Sanal for bringing forth the truth out of age old illogical myths or instant miracles which have hounded and dampened the growth of our civilization all these years. People like Sanal are very less who have got a strong support of rationalist & atheist friends across the globe pitching for him but what if it's me and you? Are we ready or at least can we afford to live in exile like Sanal Edamaruku or Salman Rushdie!? And don't think you will never talk of such 'rubbish' (some call it!) and will be in safe heaven as you are right now. You never know when and where tongue slips and pearls ooze out uttering what you probably have never meant to hurt the way they achieve in doing - "controversially yours" might be the sorry line of those phrases!

Hoping just that almighty will never allow miracle mongers to succeed in their dubious plans and make 'brisk business' as some call it, I pray for draconian laws to be dumped off and new liberalized laws which compel to test the truth of times get amended or furnished.

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